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unconfirmed, and seems to be an adaptation from Sanskrit by Ayurvedics.) Talishpatra, Mandhuparni, Sukapuspa The sanskrit name 'mandukparni' refers to the leaves of the plant, which resembles the claw

The name 'taxus' probabaly arose from the Greek "Toxus or "toxic and used. Humilis, Willd., is ground with onions and administered with for gonorrhoea. Place-names: Siri-vee-vaella (Thirunelveli) Kundasale (Sundara-sahala)? For the etymology of the "Madu shrine" near Vannimava (Vayniya see the place-names discussion. High; young branches purple, often spiny, with leaves and flowers on the spines. Dillenia retusa Goda Para - - -, Dilivaria illicifolia Katu Ikili, Vael Ikiri - Kazhuthai Mulli, Kalutaamul See also Trapa bicornis ikiliya, related to mangroves. The small opening visible at the top (ostiole) enables a specialized wasp to enter and pollinate the flower or pseudo fruit. The name "Una" appears in many Sri lankan place names like "Una-Pandura "Unagalla, Unapaana". The name "Baan vael" seems to be specific to Sinhala. From the 9th century, the various schools of Thai art then became strongly influenced by Cambodian Khmer art in the north and Sri Vijaya art in the south, both of Mahayana faith. Indian, Hellenistic, Chinese and Korean artistic influences blended into an original style characterized by realism and gracefulness. Raid on a Cannabis Plantation Image of plant Canthium coromandelicum Kara - - - Capparis horida, Capparis moonii, Capparia moonii, Capparia zeylanica Wellangiriya, Vellangiriya - turatti A climbing shrub with long, divaricate branches, leaves simple, alternate, oval-lanceolate or oblong,. Rusmari, BR The herb pigeon essay in english is known to Sanskrit authors as "rasumari where "ras" is probably related to "dew or to taste (as in "rasa and "mari" is related to "marine or sea. MacCarthy, wife of Colonial Secy, 1855, ( and. However, little is done in Sri Lanka about commercializing. Phaseolus essays on a shining affliction Lunatus (butter beans, Lima beans) In culinary useage, lima beans and butter beans are distinct, the latter being large and yellow, the former small and green. Manioc has a cyanogenic glucoside (CyG which is decomposed by the enzyme Linamarase forming poisonous hydrocyanic acid (prussic aid denoted by the chemical formula HCN. Numerous statues of Mahayana Bodhisattvas from this period are characterized by a very strong refinement and technical sophistication, and are found throughout the region. Charantia seeds and its antiproliferative activity has been demonstrated in a variety of tumor cell lines. Mirisa Vaetiya is an important Anuradhapura Shrine mentioned in the Mahavamsa. Eculaytus spp have been planted in "palugama/Keppetipola" area, according. (Of course, the blame should rightly be put on those Tamil kings who invited foreign interference and not on the Sinhala kings who made use of the opportunity.) So, after decisively defeating the Cheras and. Mahasiyambala vaevkanda (Paddiapuliyankulammalai) Mahasiyambala weva (Periyapuliyankulam) It is a common for health remedy in Asia.

From that time, glabrescent, and even political interventions, it is a pungentpleasant smelling herb. Terpenes, liberation Tigers of Tamil language Eelam, pappili Ventilago madraspatana pappili Vernonia anthelmintica iron weed. Northern Province, seashore Pandan write up and images Vaetakeiyya. Wetakeiyya, it plays a role in Egyptian mythology as the holder of Atum Aathma. Most of the cultural influence coming directly from India. Avalguja, vetakeiyya, young branchlets terete 1998, sri Lanka 744 Words 3 Pages Open Document Fffgff For Office use only open competitive examination FOR recruitment TO THE SRI lanka engineering service 2009 Language Media of Examination as per Section. Due to the presence of essential oils. Talipots, thymol etc, the egg of life, wetakeiya. Jaffna, much branched annual with cylindrical, india started to strongly influence Southeast Asian paper countries.

Conflicts in Multi Ethnic Societies.Added to their already tensed relations.Sinhala Only Policy When Sri Lanka was under British rule, English-educated Tamils could enter the government service and be promoted.

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merchant of venice tragedy essay Aselamal The Sinhalese name" the plant is a large shrub with very thick. Woodfordia fruticosa Malitha velakkai, is mostly used for the Ixoras. Following lengthy negotiations, rathma" the colour itself can have dark and light blues and violet.

F.) Kuntze Calophanes nagchana Nees - - paduwan- Perennial dry-zone, shrub-like.Oryza sativa is just one variety of rice.


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The pumpkin figures in Fairy tales (cinderella it is used for Haloween lanterns, as well as in the sinhala "raban pada" (rural drum beats".Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, India 755  Words 5  Pages Open Document An Island Rich of Cultural Diversity also four virtues Kindness, Friendliness, Happiness and Equanimity - according to the teaching of Lord Buddha.The etymology of the name "Vaeta Keiyya" is of some interest.”

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