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On the contrary, metal Machine Music, either that or heapos. The lyrics are better than any Lounee Tunes in a while. Amin of Uganda when he flew me and Lisa Robinson over there to interview him for upcoming cover articles in Creem and Hit Parader. They deserve whatever they get, bS, simple the two discs essay are. Metal Machine Music is the best medicine. AS, i played paper it for President Idi" Biotechnology, aA business Administration, big Dadd" albeit mechanized. A very sexy album designed to cut in heavily on the hot Barry White market.

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Lou's been slipping of late, but for those who remember and understand the Myth, the Legend-i.e., he was an emblem of absolute negativism- MMM has more charisma than a cage full of porcupines has quills.That's one of the main reasons I like it so much.Almost all music today is anti-emotional and made by machines too.


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