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rising temperatures mayresult in physiological and ecological effectson living organisms. The production and elimination of metabolicwaste products in living organisms.10. The process of osmosis and its importance toliving

organisms (June 2004).23. Mean temperatures are rising in many partsof the world. Roles of pigments in living organisms.46. How the structure of cells is related to theirfunction (June 2002).16. The importance of lipids in living organisms.14. Can anyone india think of anything else? Mutation and its consequences.5. DNA and the transfer of information (June2009)35. The transfer of substances containing carbonbetween organisms and between organismsand the environment (June 2006).28. Gas exchange in animals and flowering plants.18. The movement of substances within livingorganisms (Jan 2003) OR Transportmechanisms in living organisms.4. Carrier proteins channel proteins allowing ions through? The part played by enzymes in the functioningof different cells, tissues and organs (June2008)33. Ill list them for my own revison purposes - Cystic fibrosis - Resting action potential - H ions in photosynthesis respiration - H ions and denaturing of enzymes - Properties of water? Describe and explain theseeffects. 2 Writing the synoptic essay. AQA, a2, biology : Writing the Synoptic. Essay 04: The role of the movement of substances across membranes in the.

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The role of my idea of a perfect holiday essay carbon containing compounds inliving organisms 11 15 48, actually i can think of some things. The importance of molecular shape in livingorganisms. Oxygen transporthaemoglobin and the hydrogen ions stimulating oxyhaemglobin to unload oxygen Transport of ions through a plant we know mineral ions travel up because of experiments using radioactive tracers 37 19, the causes of disease in humans June 2010. The causes of variation and its biologicalimportance Jan 2004. The ways in which a mammal maintainsconstant conditions inside its body. Support and movement in living organisms 13, carbon dioxide may affect organisms directlyor indirectly. How the structure of proteins is related totheir functions Jan 2004 25, ions and Organisms June 200934, how microscopes have contributed to ourunderstanding of living organisms Jan 2005. The biological importance of water Jan 2003OR The role of water in the lives of organisms.

This document contains the essay titles and mark schemes used.The importance of ions in biology.Spec B, jan 2010 Unit 6/7/8.

6, cells are easy to distinguish by their same shape. The process of diffusion and its importance inliving organisms. Genetic variation and speciation, the properties of enzymes and theirimportance in living organisms OR The role of enzymes in living organisms. Control of the internal environment in livingorganisms. The different ways in which organisms useATP June 2002 OR ATP and its roles in livingorganisms 21 2, chemical coordination essays in organisms, the chemical and biological control of insectpests. How are the shapes of cells related to theirfunction. Describe and explainthese effects 3 17 9, natural selection and the effects of environmental change. Cycles in Biology June 2003 20, original post by tigervio what the heck would you write for that 43, na Cl ions involved in the loop of henle 44 40, the roles of membranes in living organisms.

Energy transfers which take place inside livingorganisms (June 2004).24.Enzymes and their importance in plants andanimals (Jan 2005).26.


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Applications and implications of genetechnology.42.The importance of proteins in livingorganisms.12.The part played by the movement of substances across cell membranes in thefunctioning of different organs and organssystems (June 2008).32.Im not a chemist so I find it hard to actually identify what ions are in terms of biology).”

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