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in her class because she always told us what she was looking for. I cant even remember what it was. The five posts in which I explore Question 2

are as follows: If youre interested in further revision sessions for either gcse English Language or gcse English Literature, feel free to get in touch via my website Advertisements. Because that guy set us an assignment and I asked him essay what he was going to be looking for when he marked. To summarise: There are three things you are being marked on in Question 2: your subject terminology, your use of text references and your comments on the effect of language. Many teachers, Youtube posters and textbooks written by non-experts have put more of a focus on subject terminology than they should. Lucky because otherwise my amazingly overskilled dog would have got an F for a trick that taught him two weeks to learn, and not an A* for a trick that I managed to teach in ten minutes in a carpark. Youre going to see a lot of Get a Level 9 on the internet. So Im going to talk about the four levels on the markscheme, and the 8 marks that they cover. Wed had a change of teacher, and he was a great photographer. Now, that is all nonsensey teacher-speak exam-board gobbledy-gook. Whatever you come up with! I can look at what Ive done and compare it to what other people have done and see if mine is as good, or worse, or better. First, you need to understand that for Question 2 (and 3!) the quality of your comment is what is important. I cant do that if I dont know what you are assessing. That is why I am fixated, if not a little obsessed by, markschemes. I dont even really want to say theyre equivalent to any of the 9-1 levels, because theyre not. Therefore when question 4 says Analyzing methods with comparison, its talking about everything as a whole? Download Insert, download Past Paper, download Mark Scheme 7701/02 AS Paper 2: Language Varieties, download Past Paper - Download Mark Scheme English Language and Literature AQA A-Level Past Papers June /01 AS Paper 1: Views and Voices - Download Past Paper - Download Mark Scheme. I am going to say that too, but technically, its untrue and its confusing. I need you to forget level 9s and level. So many people have gone off on the notion that its about sophisticated and accurate subject terminology than it is about quality of comment. Now, there are two other threads as well.

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Now, if writing more isnt the solution. There is no such thing as a level 9 response. She would photocopy essays that essay other students did and show us them. What does that look like, in the vain hope that youll understand the comments essay are the essential bit. Im going to do it looking at the comments first.

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Can you imagine spending two weeks learning to do something and you fail. Quality, if anyone could explain it. M kinda paper confused what the reasoning behind this. Not quantity, i can ask a friend to show. Likewise, iapos, meant come through your owners legs. I can ask for a demo, then teaching them how to duck their head how down and hide under the rim of the object. Excuse all the geeky tech talk. And everyone else who does a way simpler thing gets.

AQA A-Level English Language Past Papers June 2017 (7701 7702) 7701/01 AS Paper 1: Language and the Individual.I like to know what I am being marked.


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Sometimes I dont do very well.Aqa Coursework Mark Scheme m A piece of paper and a pen or pencil is all it takes for a quick span   We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make.So this is why I am so obsessed with understanding markschemes.This section includes recent A-Level English Language past papers and A-Level English Language and Literature past papers from AQA.”

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