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nightmare as the sun streamed through my closed window. I ran into the living room where the scream came from. The torch dropped out of my hand and I

stood as still as a statue staring at my mother. The voice sounded familiar. Every minute I am not with her I feel like dying- like throwing up- like holding my breath until she is near. I was trying to home scream for help, but again no sound came out. What a night that was, I hoped it wouldnt happen again. Immediately I pulled out a sack from the shelf and threw it on the animal. In my opinion, I was a big girl and our neighborhood was very quiet. A big gust of wind flew through my room and I realised it was my bedroom window which was wide open and the wind was gushing through. The next thing I knew; blood started to squirt everywhere; I had stabbed him in the eye! With the weather this bad, I somehow amazingly got home eventually. The next day the authorities from the zoo came and took the monkey away. Suddenly the hallway started to get blurry and it seemed to lengthen again. Finding something to eat, I returned to the hall room where I became a couch potato and watched my favourite Television programme. And forget that was my dream real? I swear I just shut the other window earlier and this one was definitely shut?! It had a metal cross on it and the first thing I could think of was to scare off this beast so I thrust the cross towards the beast. I heard the familiar rustling from the kitchen and guessed it was my Mum cooking breakfast for.

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The lady in the movie was what makes a leader essay alone too. It was after thousands of years of living this way. How hard could it be, whilst everything was completely normal, maybe my Mum had forgotten to close it I tried reasoning myself as I pulled the window handle shut and putting the air freshener back in its place. I was running and running and it felt like miles. From the moment her eyes met mine we were in love with each other. The Scary Friday Night Essay 794 words 3 pages The Scary Friday NightDescriptive writingIt was a Friday night. We decided to alert the neighbourhood 936 word moral dilemma essay topics essay that is essentially creative writing.

English, essays, articles for Students of Class 6 six on many topics and subjects.When I was alone at home one day, I was more excited than being afraid.Some children were playing badminton on a cool wintry night.

I thought as I saw a wave of blood rushing through the kitchen on my left side. As it rained furiously outside while thunder struck the ground every minute. On one side of its face you could see its flesh like someone had essay on a night alone at home peeled off the skin with a potato peeler. My car had just broken down in the middle of the woods and there was no kind of help in sight. Frightening noises outside while the house inside creaked. The wind made weird, i was alone in my room reading my favorite Nancy Drew book on my new iPad. Any way for about another two hours I would be the master of my life. It must be a power cut I told myself.

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I was panicking and I suddenly reached for the necklace around my neck.Milo scraped the damp stones with his shoe, scowling at the mold growing in orderly rows between the gaps.


Night, i Was, home Alone!

Yelled a unknown man.A cool light wind was blowing sending leaves dancing noisily in the forest floor.Or Johns, even thought.The whole house was pitch-black and the only light coming inside the house was from the street lights in the street.”

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