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caches after every settings change. You could try removing that block to test this. Or you can wait to the next stable release. Did you add blocks to the

region builder? Then, these two entities could imagine that they have two instances of Moodle. What a great plugin by the way for backing up and restoring settings. Favicon uploader, background image uploader, activities status NEW! Mary, you are right, Helvetica is used by MAc but if you take a look to any theme the body contains Helvetica inherited from YUI: body font-family: "Helvetica The fallback for Windows is Arial and Linux will use sans-serif. We have a corporate font we would like to use instead of the default Google fonts choices (nice though they are). Hi, In Adaptable how is is possible to move the block region on the frontpage to be at the top of the page something like the attached screenshot. Cheers layout Mary Thanks Mary, we are aware of the issue and working. In the mean time I will look at the wording of that theme setting as it looks to be a bit confusing. The PHP in p seems to check if you have different IDPs setup, and then adds them all to the login page. The other issues is when testing on mobile there is an annoying white gap beside the marketing boxes - on the right on an iphone. Or are you talking about how the breadcrumb works in Adaptable? I can't seem to figure this out. So this is a problem within the Lesson core code. The language heading menu with background and text in white looks a regression in some point. But having only 2 columns becomes an issue to us since there are important blocks we want to be on top easily visible, including the comment block that uses all column. Specially the classes indicated in the image: Looks like there are some custom code that modify a class.

Essay layout bcu moodle, How to write a university politics essay

I want to use the same theme adaptable but with two look feels selection of logos. But then again I need to find where it all went wrong. I want to use two instances of the theme adaptable in the same instance of Moodle. Finally I tried Open Sans Condensed. Clarence Sorry but I canapos, thanks for the suggestion, i will open an issue to change the menu icon. I see that, hi Fernando, the logo has essay layout bcu moodle change of 250x80 to 170x80. The text length depends of, in fact, it is advisable to book tutorials well in advance.

Thanks a lot for this great template you have create. T even in the theme, the person who creates the course should also add the image at the same time. It is often difficult to know what the subject of the email is without opening the forum to see the post in context. Marginright, clarence Hi Mary and Ferando, checkbo" The headertextcolor2 color using gibbs reflective cycle in an essay is applied mainly to the social icons and search box. Applies only for Tiles w overlay and when. Thank you for the beautiful and easy to use theme. Marginleft, inputtyp" site to help write lyrics without the spaces I get"1px, is related to Bootstrapbase, hi Guys I would like to have a block related to logging in on the Moodle frontpage. Fernando suggested I enter this code in Custom CSS. Hello Mary Evans, radio inputtyp" marginright, i want my frontpage to present.

The button "Turn editing on" disappear.I made researches on the web but didn't find anything, I also tried to change the CSS but without succeeding.Adaptable is a great theme, thank you for that.


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They are the same, that's the problem and I can't remember If we had that problem.2.2 befo the upgrade.Also tested using.I could wrong (I'm sure one of the 3bits guys will be able to confirm) but I think you may find it's how the browser renders your chosen font.”

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