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council meeting in the afternoon. "But it is more important than ever that we destroy the Ring Gandalf says. Boromir thinks out loud to himself and says, "But if

you wished to destroy the armed might of the Dark Lord, then it is folly to go without force into his domain; and folly to throw away" (Tolkien 435). tags: Lord of the Rings Essays. Later in the book when Frodo and his party are encountered by the wizard Galadriel, Frodo offers her the ring knowing that she deserves the ring the most and should be able to control the power. Also, Tolkien showed how Boromir was becoming corrupt by the thought of having such a power. How to Cite this Page, mLA Citation: "Lord of The Rings.". They are attacked by evil Orcs in the woods; that drive them up a mountain, where the evil wizard cast a spell on the mountain causing an avalanche. Knowing that the forces of evil are in search of the ring, Gandalf sends Frodo, a relative of Biblo, to destroy the ring in the only place it can be destroyed, "Mt. Besides being a fountain of youth, the Ring has many negative effects on Biblo. This shows how Galadriel is taken in by the thought of power at the moment. Fearing evil, it exalts good. At the council before setting off on the journey to exterminate the Ring, one of the members of Frodos fellowship suggests they not destroy the Ring, but rather use it as a weapon against the Dark forces. Some estimates put it at the second highest selling work of all time, following only the bible. Fantasy films scientific are probably the most frequently stereotyped genre of all. The Lord of the Rings and the Wheel of Time are linked by the fact that none of their major save characters remain static. Had Bilbo not been kept preserved while wearing the Ring, that is what he would truly look like.

Is to throw it into the essay volcano of Mount Doom where it will be destroyed. Hobbits, and the Ring is beginning to twist Frodos mind and how he perceives thing 9 pages Investigating Lord of the Rings. It suggests how deeply the Ring has already started to possess him.

The Ring.R.R.Tolkein s Fellowship of the Ring has powers beyond anyone s belief or imagination.The Ring was created by the Dark Lord.

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That Gandalf suspects that" a gift from his cousin Bilbo who stole it from the the hoard of a Dragon years ago 46 He has the Ring for so long. One Ring to bring them all. The reason he desires so fervently to obliterate it is because it is evil.


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Frodo said, "caught something new and strange in Boromir's glance" (Tolkien 435).How to Cite this Page, mLA Citation: "lord of the rings, fellowship of the ring.".Regardless of Frodo's immense efforts, he cannot resist the temptation of using the ring and even though Frodo's intentions are good, the ring's power is slowly starting to turn him to evil.The addiction to the One Ring that all the characters had, showed that no one was safe.”

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