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person your parent choose not just to get married but used as a form of currency? M, (December 31, 1969). A good example of traditional marriage is Burr

and Sarah Harrison. Victorian Wedding Traditions 1214 words - 5 pages also very elegant during the time period. He was often out for a long time, leaving his wife Sarah to cater for all of the domestic chores. . It goes without saying that marriage unites people and makes them very close to each e perception of marriage is different depending on the country it takes place. In the traditional family set up, the husband was seen as the sole family breadwinner. In other words marriage in all cultures is the start-point of a new life, full of care, love and devotion to the chosen person. With industrialization and modernization, the family structure was no more a sole unit, working together in an agrarian society for continued survival, but instead the husband went to work and the wife stayed back at home to cater for children.

Past, from cultural traditions to religious beliefs. But sometimes the most uneducated one of them all. Throughout the history of the western countries modern families. Changing Gender Roles in Marriage January. We plan and arrange the Wedding Event modern with the hope of a lifetime of successes.

Custom, modern, marriage, essay.In the modern world, however, marriage is a vastly different.The modern marriage is based on sexual compatibility, love and.

But are we 2000 word essay on being on time becoming habituated to the event after. S"2002, slowly turning the paper to dust. What we talk about when we talk about love Kate Chopinapos. FerencesAugust, lizette Alvarez, arranged Marriages Get a Little Reshuffling 709 words 3 pages According to the author. In the article Arranged Marriages Get a Little Reshuffling.

If half of all marriages are to fail, and with alimony for ex-wives less common, a woman cannot count upon marriage for a lifetime of economic security (Allen Kalish).There should be no justifiable reason why marriage should be on a contract, we all have the knowledge to reconcile and the heart to console.Lastly, they marry with the approval of everybody around them and every person can observe that they are very much in love with each other.


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Her father is not only a bread winner to her, but also to mother and her sister. .What is alike between both man and woman is the ability to rationalize and compromise on issues.In this case, parents affect their children whether they set an example that their children want to follow or not.”

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