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main thing we are interested. Why the writer gives us the details about the cold drinks and the glossy plans The turning point, where Anuja wins the crowd

back to conserving the common land The way the writer reveals Anujas internal thoughts vs the external description of Rufus The turning. To what extent do you agree? 1) Use the question within your answer to the question at the start of each paragraph. An overview of the whole passage will also help. Just to make it more confusing. This interests the reader as we can link back to the beginning. It was drifting slowly in our direction and banked itself up like a wall on that side of us, low, but thick and well defined. Practise giving yourself lots of time, then under timed conditions. It also picks out some clear examples and references to the text (in italics) and has some clear understanding of why the writer has chosen to position the ideas where they have. Remember, the question is marked in 4 levels, not in the 9 grades, which makes my head hurt. We see Carmichaels words (but not his internal thoughts) compared to Anujas internal thoughts which give us an idea of how angry she is and how amazed that Carmichael could suggest the place is infested with vermin, not recognising that it is a sanctuary for. The writer only focuses on Rufus and on Anuja whilst he is speaking, and then they say people squirmed in their seats, turning to their neighbours to exchange excited comments and we see that instead of feeling angry like Anuja does, they actually feel excited. If he isnt out in quarter of an hour the path will be aqa covered. You now need to think about the whole of the source. Id be teaching how to use those narrow details in embedded sentences. Since the exam from AQA is new and it has been a while since there have been fiction passages on the paper, you could always look at Edexcel, OCR or Eduqas fiction papers from other years as a source. There is a sense of inevitability by the end that the development company will have their way, and the dark clouds that pass across Carmichaels face are picked up with the image of the rain and lightning giving us a sense that the battle. After the turning point where Anuja stands up and reminds the villagers of the importance of the plot of land, it is clear that the villagers have won the first battle in what will probably be a war with the company, but there. In half an hour we wont be able see our hands in front. Details about the hound might include: 'enormous' 'coal-black' 'eyes glowed' 'fire burst from its mouth'. And the writer uses foreshadowing with the image of the falcon, which makes us think that FoodFreight is the falcon who will come and snap up the common land for their depot. Simple understanding for Level 1, some understanding for Level 2, clear understanding for Level 3 and perceptive understanding for Level. It mentions the main characters and the crowd briefly, but thats all we get.

A natural image that reminds us of the beauty of nature. Anujas growing anger, a state of unbalance, the focus is on the movement of the fog and its advance. You could, its picked how does music help students learn out some relevant details in italics and uses some subject terminology in orange that shows the candidate has some understanding of structural features. Time markers, at first, connectives to show a change in time. Shall we move farther back upon higher ground. It then shifts to Sir Henry as the intended victim.

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plastic You will find the same key words. White woolly plainapos, you can find a copy of essay the text here. Simile apos, woollyapos, where an event occurs to change the course of the rest of the story. Round the corners of the house the metaphor of it as a apos. His face white in the moonlight. Look in detail at this extract from lines 8 to 18 of the source.

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Read again the paragraph that begins There was a thin, crisp, continuous patter.Better answers will have embedded"tions, a very carefully selected range of"tions or references, a clear understanding of structural features in general as well as the ability to apply that understanding to the text before them.Never in the delirious dream of a disordered brain could anything more savage, more appalling, more hellish be conceived than that dark form and savage face which broke upon us out of the wall of fog.


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Linear narrative, where events happen in chronological order.Climax, the moment of highest tension or drama in a text.Holmess face was turned towards it, and he muttered impatiently as he watched its sluggish drift Every minute that white woolly plain which covered one half of the moor was drifting closer and closer to the house.We are also told about a person named Anuja who has been specifically named, which makes us think that she might be important.”

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