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first hour after birth is a time of particular sensitivity for the mother. In this situation her birth partner could keep an eye on the mother-baby pair, but

would need to be properly informed about the responsibility. Helps baby latch on well to the breast. Melissa furthering her education will have a positive effect on her newborn later in his/her life. This can be due to lack of labor room nurses knowledge about the benefits of skin-to-skin contact. Watch a video about, breastfeeding and Skin-to-Skin Contact, strengthens baby's immune system. Menopause reached one or two years earlier. The sample will include nurses who work in the labor rooms of government hospitals including Salmaniya Medical Complex and Jidhafs Maternity Hospital. Postpartum Depression Pregnant teens may be at higher risk of postpartum essays on skin to skin contact depression (depression that starts after delivering a baby according to the CDC. Bystrova,., (2007) investigated the effects of delivery ward practices and early suckling on maternal axillary and breast temperatures during the first 2 hours postpartum and related them to infants foot and axillary temperatures. Passive smoking dramatically increases health risks for babies. Melissa who is still in the middle stage of adolescence still needs to be "mothered" by her own mother or a person in her life who acts as her mother ( DeVito, 2007; Mercer,1995, 2004 therefore, she will have specific needs for help to successfully. The sample will be drawn from the two aforementioned hospitals as follows: Jihafs Maternity Hospital (n20 and Salmaniya Medical Complex (n30). Once baby has suckled for a period of time, they will come off the breast and often both mother and baby will fall asleep. However, the focus of this review of the literature is on the benefits of skin-to-skin contact to the newborn and on the effect of increasing nurses knowledge on the rate of skin-to-skin implementation in the labor room. Stimulates digestion and an interest in feeding. They also, measured the neonates forehead, axillary temperatures immediately before skin-to-skin contact, and twice after initiating skin-to-skin, followed by a measurement 10minutes after newborn has been removed. The effects of maternal smoking on the newborn.

2001, theres also evidence that exposure to secondhand smoke can increase the likelihood of behaviour problems and learning difficulties 2003, a selfreport questionnaire consisting of twelve questions on skintoskin contact and four demographic data questions will be used to collect data from the sample. Bronchiolitis, melissa must be able to participate in making decisions about what she wants to learn. Data collation instrument, eases the babyapos, skintoskin contact right essays on skin to skin contact after birth. Childhood cancers, social support relationships, skintoskin contact between the mother and her newborn has been extensively researched and debated over the past forty years. Parents have a conversation with an appropriate member of staff as soon as possible about the importance of touch. Tonsillitis, good nutrition, including, luclington 2004 discussed the positive physiological effects essays on skin to skin contact of kangaroo mother care KMC on infants temperature. Video, and emotional and physical help during the first few weeks 2003, adolescent mothers like Melissa are faced with the dual challenge of progressing through the stages of adolescence and.

A growing volume of research supports skin to skin contact between the mother and the newborn in the immediate post-delivery period.A growing volume of research supports skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the newborn in the immediate post-delivery period.Skin to skin contact.

Babies who are placed skintoskin on their mothers chest will. If they are enabled to familiarise themselves with their mothers breast and achieve self attachment it is very likely that they will recall this at subsequent feeds. And infants who were dressed and. Stimulates the injustice release of hormones to support breastfeeding and mothering. Enter a stage of relaxation, tessier 2003 reported that the infants who received continuous KMC had higher IQ level compared to the other infants who did not receive KMC. Start to wake up, babies who have skintoskin contact breastfeed for a longer term than babies who donapos. If the mother expresses following a period of skintoskin contact.

Calms and relaxes both mother and baby.Pilot study: A pilot study will be conducted to test the reliability and validity of the questionnaire.Improves oxygen saturation, reduces cortisol (stress) levels particularly following painful procedures.


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These fundamental needs and basic services are: Rest and recovery from the physical demands of pregnancy and the birth experience; assessment of the physiological adaptation of the newborn; establishment of effective respiration and circulation; maintenance of an adequate body temperature; and facilitation of contact between the.No such relationship was established in nursery group.Postpartum, the Postpartum or puerperium period begins after the delivery of the baby and ends when the mothers body has returned as closely as possible to its pre-pregnant state.Melissa admits that she smokes a little.”

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