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of researches on the small and medium enterprise and larger scale businesses and sole trader. Africa Journal of Management, 3(1.53-81. Business schools provide theoretical knowledge for those who

are interested in business knowledge. Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations. However, a study conducted by Poon (1999) found that the benefits of Internet commerce could be classified into long-term and short-term benefits, direct and indirect benefits. However, there is always considerable room for improvement, especially in small-sized enterprises. 13) Does crowdfunding be a sustainable model for small businesses? The sharing of profits would also motivate the partners to work harder. The market handles all the necessary transaction, including response to information request, purchase acknowledgement, shipping notice, purchase/service delivery, payment acknowledgement, and the transfer of money between banks and. 3) Impact of Entrepreneurship and ICT on small-sized businesses transformation towards Cloud. It is important that the company sustains strategic advantage from e-commerce. Aims and Objectives, aims. Undoubtedly, Internet has provided chance for SMEs to diminish the entry barrier and costs into global trading market as electronic commerce offers companies the possibility to sell internationally, effectively removing constraints of time and location and substantially enhancing their competitiveness, and it is the most. 2.4 Conclusions Even though SMEs and large-scale enterprises have differing characteristics, both plays a pivotal role in Malaysias gross domestics products (GDP). Its main types aired (Electronic data interchange extranets, electronic funds transfer, electronic forms, integrated messaging, shared databases and supply chain management. Journal of Cleaner Production 175 (2018 207-221. In emerging economies, SMEs account for over 90 of firms, 60-70 of employment and 55 of GDP. Its applications are as follows: Workgroup communications: It enables managers to communicate with employees using electronic mail, videoconferencing, and bulletin board, hence increase the dissemination of information, resulting in better-informed employees. Sustainable development has been a growing trend which companies cannot ignore, or indeed ignore at their own peril. Currently, he is being assisted by his wife on a part-time basis. Company is not able to earn a good discount rate from the suppliers. B2C (Business-to-Consumer These are retailing transactions with individual shoppers. Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industries. Further driving factors of e-commerce for SMEs are also identified by Auger and Gallagher (1997) as follows: access to an Affluent Customer Base, lower Information Dissemination Costs, lower Transaction Costs, broader Market Reach, increased Service, additional Channels for Customer Feedback and Consumer and Market Research. Its major objective is efficient information and transaction processing. From the foregoing definition of small medium enterprises (SMEs) by different researchers, it can be seen that the number of employees and turnover are the determinant factors in the definition of SME, but, the criteria is different from country to country.

Therefore, unfortunately, while small enterprises are enterprises with maximum number of 50 employees. And Solomon, generally, a maximum turnover of 10 million euros and a maximum balance sheet of a total of 10 million euros. This dissertation will be intended to examine how sustainable development can be integrated into small and medium enterprises marketing question essay SMEs business practices in the London boroughs.

Small and medium - sized enterprises (SMEs) represent an important part of the.In addition, a business can achieve market orientation s full potential when driven.

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Quot; distinguish between small AND medium enterprise AND larger scale businesses. Which will lead to increase in competition within markets. Exposed me to operational side of IT such as business requirement gathering. Application designing, electronic data interchange to further their businesses 3, a USbased 1 billion IT services firm.

C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer In this category, consumers sell directly to consumers.Working capital is important for daily business operations.


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Electronic publishing: It enables companies to organize, publish and disseminate human resources manuals, product specifications and meeting minutes using tools such as the World Wide Web.B) Intra-organizational commerce The purpose of intra-organizational applications is to help a company maintain the relationships that are critical to delivering superior customer value.Due to staff shortage, customer service is being compromised.Hence, though the future of e-commerce is still unpredictable, it is important that developing countries, their governments and businesses should prepare for these new developments.”

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