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as dry cleaners and gas stations contribute as well. If sewage-sludge is treated in a sludge treatment plant before its use to the soil application, then on its application

crop yields increase through the improvement of soil physical properties. Numerous mica chips are seen scattered over the agricultural fields in Kodarma mica belt of Jharkhand. Such as change in texture, mineral, bacterial and fungal colonies in the soil. The portion of solid writing waste that is hazardous such as oils, battery metals, heavy metals from smelting industries and organic solvents are the ones we have to pay particular attention. Construction Industry Research and Information Association, London. When crops are harvested, a large amount of macronutrients and a small amount of micronutrients are removed with the crops. Essay on the Effects of Soil Pollution. Seepage from a landfill. Wide range of minerals can be added including common substances like P (phosphorus) and more exotic substances such as zn (zinc) and sl (selenium). It had caused cancer, skin conditions and infertility in soldiers. Arsenic behaves in soils like that of phosphate. Where soils are covered in harmful areas, shape sloughing should be used. Burying the waste in locations situated away from residential areas is the simplest and most widely used technique of solid waste management. The geographic cycle in periglacial regions as it is related to climatic geomorphology. If contaminated soil is used to grow food, the land will usually produce lower yields than it would if it were not contaminated. Here pollutants remain in direct contact with the soil for a long period of time, than that of water and air. Incineration of other wastes is expensive and leaves a huge residue and adds to air pollution. Are so polluted that no plant growth becomes possible. The density of the soil is calculated. Hospital wastes contain organic materials, chemicals, metal needles, plastic and glass bottles, vials, etc. Excessive use of fertilizers has led to the degradation of soils in many parts of these states. Lawrance,.J., Byard,.J. Uncontrollable waste disposal, waste of Industrial construction and demolition. This process, especially in the case of insecticides like DDT, has been proved to be disastrous. Dumping of domestic sewage and hospital organic wastes contaminate the environment with a variety of pathogens that can seriously affect human health. With extractive industries, a pledge must be assured to restore the land to its former condition before planning permit for quarries or mines is granted. In addition bio-degradation by soil micro-organisms is the most important method by which pesticides are removed from soils. This phenomenon of acquiring increasing levels of a substance in the bodies of higher trophic level organisms is known as bio-magnification.

Soil pollution essay

Biocides reach the pollution food chain in toxic forms and enter the bodies of animals and human beings. Chlorinated hydrocarbons D, some important biocides used in the country include malathions. Lindane etc, contamination of ground water, many of these chemicals are deadlyânot only to the intended or particular organisms but also to other life forms. Various radioactive substances are introduced to the environment by different sources such as nuclear reactors. Procedure, d These pollutants change the physiochemical and biological aspects of the soil. The inorganic portion made up of rock fragments.

Soil, pollution, essay 1 (100 words).The main factors of soil pollution include excessive erosion.Soil pollution refers the presence of the toxic chemicals on the.

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The principal approaches these strategies take are Sheep pasture with macroscale erosion. Controlled waste landfill, plants are lost, soil microorganisms decompose these groups of industrial espionage essay pesticides as they do other organic materials. They undergo following reactions, for instance, soil pollution is caused by the presence of chemicals made by man or alteration in the natural soil environment. Toxic chemicals affect plant growth and animal life. The increasing use of chemical fertilizers and biocides particularly after Green Revolution. The use of untreated industrial water in irrigation. To prevent the application of too much or too little water.

Effects on Human : Below mentioned are some such effects of soil pollution, which are visible at some places.If you must plant on a sloped surface, avoid very large stretches of land.Cadmium: Cadmium is extremely phytotoxic as well as poisonous to human beings.


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Slope movements and types and processes.Thus its possible for soil pollution to change whole ecosystems.It can be in the form of natural of adding squeezed rock or can bring the form of soil of chemical supplement.Therefore, people should consider shifting to reusable containers like glass, cotton bags, etc.”

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