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With any English degree, along with reading deeper into others works, I wish to strengthen my own literary potential, gaining inspiration and insight from different perspectives, whilst developing

my personal interest with the interplay of words. Throughout High School my hobby of story and poem writing reflected my interest in becoming an author. But I realised what I had been missing: my own imagination. In 2015 I completed the February Album Writing Month (14 songs in 28 days). Originally I found sanctuary in reading, but the captivation that I found in the myriad of worlds and existences in novels made me determined to become a novelist. This has placed great demands on my time, but I have never been happier and know I made the right decision. I have performed some of my work in The Poetry Cafe in London, and on BBC radio. Conditional offers from Sheffield uni, Manchester uni, Lancaster uni, Birmingham and Leeds, yay! I began writing sonnets after studying Macbeth in class, and somewhere within the frustration of meter and rhyme my fascination with writing began. Gotta get 2 As and a B tho. I once aspired to be a visual artist, a photographer or painter. His choice of language is wonderful; he leaves you thinking of lavender striped fish and the lions on the beach. Within school, I took on the responsibilities entailed in the role of prefect and attained full marks in my English coursework folder whilst also coping with the complications posed by family circumstances; by looking after my mother I learned responsibility young, while coping with other. I studied Fine Art to develop my imagination, which was creatively liberating. York (English Literature) - Unconditional declined. I enjoyed Ovid's 'Metamorphoses' for the highly evocative epic metaphors and the audacious challenge that it poses to the conventions of epic poetry. I love the way I get lost in it every time I read it, and how well the magic element is integrated into the story. Hemingway is often dismissed as 'macho telling war stories for boys, but I think this is a simplification. Historys impact on literature is also intriguing, with the War Poets and authors, like Solzhenitsyn, influenced by Soviet Russia. I have learnt to voice myself concisely and coherently, and to be highly analytical. I realise now that I was never meant to be a Historian; the use of words to create metaphors for ideas attracts me more than explaining them plainly, though english my time at UCL taught me how to deal with autonomous learning and other vital skills. Grades Achieved: Art (AS) - C, latin (A2) - B, classical Civilisation (A2) -. I think the poignancy of literature rests in the ability of an author to shape minds, and that this is influenced by their particular discernment of the world. The great breadth of the IB has of course generally influenced my personal awareness of other facets of study, such as in Biology or Geography, and has provoked an interest in more scientific areas, thus moulding me into a well rounded student. I am working on my Queen's Guide Award, a challenge requiring commitment, leadership, and research skills. As well as fiction, I love all forms of music (I have played the clarinet for seven years and helped run a music club swimming, aerobics and photography. There is an underlying darkness in the way that he presents the vacillation of traditional values which I find fascinating. As an inquisitive and creative individual, the communication and expression inherent in this intriguing subject are the means for me to achieve my potential.

English literature and creative writing personal statement y. Public transport essay

Hull Conditional 280 points aberystwyth Conditional 300 points Both here and Bath Spa replied within 24 hours. This confirmed my desire to study Creative Writing. Including Pomegranate, apos, and words have never since stopped being fascinating.

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English Literature and Creative Writing Personal.StatementI rediscovered my love of literature in November, running away from UCL.English Literature with, creative Writing Personal Statement Once upon a time is a universal introduction to storytelling.

And I personally love to paint in my spare time as a creative outlet. In order to experience literature on a different level. I have been writing apos, and received the BBC Prize for Creative Writing in Southwark for a short story. English Literature with Creative Writing Personal Statement apos 260 of creative which from full A Levels. And apos, uEA English Literature with Creative Writing Unconditional declined. It is viewed by many as an antiquated art form. A plan developed as a voluntary teaching assistant in an adult literacy class.

It is equivalent to a Gold D of E Award and the culmination of my 7 years as a guide.In 2009 I joined a song writing club; working in that team helped me realise my aptitude for lyrics, and I have run club sessions on starting and developing them.


English Literature Creative Writing Personal Statement, studential

English or English with Creative Writing have thus both always hovered in my mind; History would have been right had I not been more inclined to reach for Coelho instead of Skinner.I try to maintain a distinctive voice that resonates outside of a 'poetic' context within my writing.This personal statement was written by archerdana for application in 2009.”

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