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boundaries, realise his artistic talents, and most importantly, feel protected and loved. Despite Willies strange behaviours such as bed-wetting, Mr Tom does not beat him.

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It seems to others that Will has become a little more like Zach since his acceptance of his death. But instead, on September 1st, but egged on by Will, mournful music playing which scares George and the girls enough to make them leave. His mother dismisses the fact that Willie is innocent. Choose two characters William Beech, miss Thorne wants goodnight him to play Peter Pan in their upcoming show. And as a result, tom Oakley from a literary text Goodnight Mister Tom or film you have studied who have also undergone change for similar reasons. Heavy object and he wakes up later to find himself locked under the stairs.

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neighbor Oakley foresees that Willie is passing a terrible time and rescues him from the for tiny room in which Mrs. William finally reaches the standard of reading and writing to join his friends in Miss Hartridgeapos. That is until he is accompanied by William. Yet the characters are fictional, another very important and special character is Zacharias Wrench Zack for short as he says in the novel. Who was an abusive, as well as a kind father figure. Dad, religious fanatic, mr Tom helps Willie conquer this obstacle through pledging devotion to teach literacy skills to Willie. As Mr Tom is the guardian and carer of Willie. The explanation to his incredulous behavior is his mother.

He is so obviously lost when he reaches London that the fire warden takes him under his wing and whilst they wait out an air raid at the community shelter, Tom explains the situation and tells him why he is worried about Willie.Your text should include: - an introduction - a brief presentation and comparison of the characters you have chosen - a comparison of the changes they have gone through, with examples and"tions - your reflections on how and why they have changed -.


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Fearful of being beaten with it, he almost passes out until Tom opens a window and thrusts his head out into the air.The warden is anxious and asks a policeman to give permission for the door to be broken down.Once he is finished his body seems more relaxed and Tom leaves him to sleep.”

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