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loneliness and depression. On the one hand there are very tall buildings. Several people leave small towns and villages and move to big cities as they are enticed by

the kind of lifestyle it offers. All the comforts of life are available in a city. However, one finds that on comparison village life is a more peaceful one. School children dressed in their uniform can be seen on the roads walking or waiting for buses. Many people feel isolated in such atmosphere. Disadvantages the of Living in a Big City. A sense of competition is ingested in children from a very young age. Special clinics and hospitals have been established here to treat patients suffering from different health conditions. The schools and colleges here are equipped with a good infrastructure and all the modern facilities to offer a great learning experience. Life in a city is no doubt comfortable, but the happiness is not found in cities. There is no dearth of opportunities for a person who is willing to learn and work hard. The shops and the market places remain crowded till the evening hours. Hard work tells upon the health of city people. A city dweller works from morning till night. One hardly knows who next ones door neighbour.

Essay on life in the city

These cities are wellconnected with other parts of the country which is a big advantage. Maintaining a good lifestyle in a big city can be quite expensive. Schools in big cities do not just focus on studies but also on other activities. A city is a centre for all types of education. Look better and attain a better lifestyle.

They may be equipped with better medical facilities however the chances of incurring health problems in big cities are also quite high. Facilities are limited everywhere and there are too many people to avail of these facilities. Healthcare Facilities, in spite of all its shortcomings people still alice beyond wonderland essays for the twenty first century like to live in cities.

They cannot sleep soundly because of the tension of work and competition.Advantages of Life in a Big City.


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Road accidents are daily happenings in every big city.More and more people come to cities for opportunities in business, higher education, jobs and specialist medical aids.In a big city, a large police force operates for the maintenance of law and order.”

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