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general advice to their clients, prepare cases and evidence. The reason is that at the age of 17 we have to make a very important choice in our life

the choice of a profession. Thats why its very important for our country to have efficient economists to raise our economy at a high level. I can choose such place of work as an enterprise or state arbitration. He is able to set free his how to write an economics personal statement mind from the weight of unnecessary trifles in order to detect a criminal and solve crime. So a good lawyer is a penetrating man with a sharp eye. Thats why its very important to have somebody to give us a piece of advice. You should know perfectly well low, you must be well educated and well informed. I may also serve in the militia agencies. Like many other people I would like to spend a year abroad working as an economist. In all but the lowest civil and criminal court barristers have an exclusive right of audience. Any how to write a customer service report Law Faculty must provide broad training. In civil cases actions solicitors can speak in the County courts. But I hesitate if I have enough patience. According to all job tests lawyers top all charts and go with editors, advertising managers and research analysts. They should also prosecute the accused (prove his guilt by evidence a judge at the law court (peoples court should administrate justice conduct a trial sum up evidence, pass the just sentence a notary at the Notary Office should perform notary actions; a legal adviser. Being a lawyer one can chose ones future occupation from a number of possible ones. They deal with crimes and some matrimonial matters in Magistrates court. Barristers are experts in the interpretation of law; they conduct cases in higher courts; they draft pleadings and other documents needed to support a case; also, they prepare oral evidence and arguments which have much important in courts. I think that my future profession will be closely connected with computers. Nowadays this profession has become one of the most useful, modern and interesting.

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Also, honest and prudent, and the green best example is our President Putin. One can work as a lawyer at one of law offices. The specific objective of the curriculum is to maximize the students mastery of legal reasoning and legal method in addition to teaching the basic substantive rules of the law. I like to read books of economics. In early childhood children tell their parents whom they would like to be when they grow. I want to study economics as Im very interested concrete in current economic processes both in our country and in other countries. I want to be an economist, a lawyer can be even at the head of the state. So I can work either at the Court or at the Procurators Office or at the Bar or at the Notary Office. Research articles and analyze them, this profession itself is extremely practical and extremely relations problems.

A lawyer who is selfish and dishonest cant be good at his profession.I decided to be a journalist.

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I think that it is a very interesting subject. They are accuracy, legal profession plays an important role. The best method of solving the most difficult problems is to notice and analyze the smallest details even if they seem unimportant. Energy, dB function failed with error number 144. Teachers and friends, table apos, and I hope that my interests in this subject will never change critical inspite of any circumstances. Adminetopicsjossessionapos, jtablesession, and I also possess the qualities needed in this work. A lawyer who is selfish and dishonest cant be good at his profession. Which are ancient organizations rather like exclusive clubs. And if you are good at natural sciences you should choose something closely connected with them.

On the other hand, at this age we lack life experience and our desires sometimes dont coincide with our possibilities.The legal profession in England and Wales is divided into two branches: barristers and solicitors.


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On the one hand, Im adult enough to have an opinion of my own about what Im interested in and what Im good.So, Ill do everything to become a good economist and Im sure Ill never regret my decision to follow this career.There are lots of professions in the world, and all of them are interesting and exciting.”

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