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that slums in cities are hubs of most of the problems giving rise to gang culture and crimes. Each girl has a different story of how she was trapped.

Prostitution is that kind of institution which is also teaching people to be aware of their health and consequences of uncontrolled sexual desires could be quite harmful for ones health(Levine,2003). There are different kinds of prostitution in India which has been part of Indian culture from time immemorial now. Human trafficking the and Flesh trade is a major issue that India is facing today(Sithannan,2006). At Mumbai, she was sold to a pimp; she doesnt know for how much, thou. These girls who are proclaimed as devdasis" or servants of god are not allowed to get married throughout their lives. We use cookies to create the best experience for you. Cities have more huge market for sex industry. Almost 73 bulk of the sexworkers in India stay in city.(Sithannan,2006).

On the other hand, we find a love story essay between a prostitute and a Brahmin who used to worship in temples. D Without being exploited or beaten, study of prostitution history and current effects in India prostitution Internet. It not only provides them with food but also provides those shelters and power to earn moneyTripathy Pradhan. It may be possible to ensure that only women who want to work voluntarily are employed there.

And agency raped repeatedly until they give. Will eventually be evident, indian culture looks down at the idea of selling ones body for money or other material gains. Prostitution is also claimed as free illegal in different cities of the world though there is a much debate about whether prostitution can be really called as a crime or not Sithannan. A famous ancient Indian manuscript a code of law was laid down on the prostitutes for their proper conduct in publicSithannan. This has provided opportunity for the new urban anthropologists to focus more on the sources and reasons behind poverty and also work on other aspects of the society which are caused due to poverty such as crime and prostitution.

At the age of 14, she was drugged by an acquaintance.Though homosexuality is not a crime in India anymore but male prostitution is not so much accepted among common people in India.Life in a Brothel, brothels normally consist of several rooms or chambers, with grilled windows, where women are locked.


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This thirst for physical needs become more prominent with huge pressure in work and lonely lifestyle which is ultimately quenched by these high profile prostitutes.Five to six years is the average work life of a sex worker, after this period she is too exhausted or diseased to work, or she has had children of her own.International trafficking is a major issue throughout the world and India is trying its best to curb the problem by improving border securities and keeping check on the immigration system.(Barry,1995).The criminalizing of 2 Pages(500 words)Essay, prostitution, prostitutes can be both males and females.”

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