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enabled these individuals to survive are then passed on to the next generation. Consumers that eat other animals are predators, and those eaten are prey. ( HT only )

Be able to interpret information about genetic engineering techniques and to make informed judgements about issues concerning cloning and genetic engineering, including GM crops. You should to be able to carry out a genetic cross to show sex inheritance. 7.1.4 Adaptations (AQA gcse Biology 2, Paper 2, Topic 7 "Ecology You should be able to explain how organisms are adapted to live in their natural environment, given appropriate information. The new cell divides by mitosis. 6.1.3 Advantages and disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction (AQA gcse Biology, Paper 2, Topic 6 "Inheritance, variation and evolution Advantages of sexual reproduction: produces variation in the offspring if the environment changes variation gives a survival advantage by natural selection natural selection can. Losses of biomass are due to: not all the ingested material is absorbed, some is egested as faeces some absorbed material is lost as waste, such as carbon dioxide and water in respiration and water and urea in urine. In a stable community the numbers of predators and prey rise and fall in cycles. 6.2.4 Genetic engineering (AQA gcse Biology, Paper 2, Topic 6 "Inheritance, variation and evolution You should be able to describe genetic engineering as a process which involves modifying the genome of an organism by introducing a gene from another organism to give a desired characteristic. ( HT only ) In the complementary strands a C is always linked to a G on the opposite strand and a T to. 6.3.5 Fossils (AQA gcse Biology, Paper 2, Topic 6 "Inheritance, variation and evolution Fossils are the remains of organisms from hundreds of thousands of years ago, which are found in rocks. Cystic fibrosis (a disorder of cell membranes) is caused by a recessive allele. These hormones in turn act on other glands to stimulate other hormones to be released to bring about effects. Some people feel the effects of eating GM crops on human health have not been fully explored. Some strains might be resistant to antibiotics, and so are not killed. Due to evidence available from chemical analysis there is now a three-domain system developed by Carl Woese. Very rarely a mutation will lead to a new phenotype. Apex predators are carnivores with no predators. If body cells lose or gain too much water by osmosis they do not function efficiently. This scientific work by many scientists led to the gene theory being developed and you should appreciate that our current understanding of genetics has developed over time and is continuing to the present day onwards! Biogas generators can be used to produce methane gas as a fuel. All materials in the living world are recycled to provide the building blocks for future organisms. Topic.2 for The human nervous system (AQA gcse Biology, Paper 2, Topic 5 "Homeostasis and response.2.1 Structure and function You should be able to explain how the structure of the nervous system is adapted to its functions.

Aqa past papers for science foundations

Individuals with characteristics most suited to the environment are more likely to survive to breed successfully. Homeostasis and response You should be able to explain the use of hormones in modern reproductive technologies to treat infertility. Ecology You should be able to explain how a essayer change in an abiotic factor would affect a given community given appropriate data or context. Homeostasis and response You should be able to explain the roles of thyroxine and adrenaline in the body as negative feedback systems. Topic 7" noncoding parts of DNA can switch genes on and off. Paper 2, you should appreciate that embryo screening and gene essay therapy may alleviate suffering but consider the ethical issues which arise 7, know that accommodation is the process of changing the shape of the lens to focus on near or distant objects 5, polydactyly having. Topic 5"5, disease resistance in food crops, chemistry Higher 3 Sustainable fisheries AQA gcse Biology. HT only You should be able to describe the effect of ADH on the permeability of the kidney tubules.

Gcse Science AQA Past Papers.If you are searching for the AQA gcse Science past papers you have found them!Below you will find the legacy gcse Biology, Chemistry and Physics AQA papers as well as the specimen papers for the new combined Science and Triple award Science.

Aqa past papers for science foundations

In the eye you should be able to identify the following structures on a diagram of the eye and explain how their structure is related to their function. Ciliary muscles and suspensory ligaments, variation and evolution You should be able to describe DNA how to write a good essay introduction as a polymer made from four different nucleotides. Topic 6" all food chains begin with a producer which synthesises molecules.

Know that mutations occur continuously.( HT only, rest.1.5 ) You should be able to: recall a simple description of protein synthesis explain simply how the structure of DNA affects the protein made describe how genetic variants may influence phenotype: (a) in coding DNA by altering the activity.


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You should be able to interpret ray diagrams, showing these two common defects of the eye and demonstrate how spectacle lenses correct them.In this system organisms are divided into: Archaea (primitive bacteria usually living in extreme environments) Bacteria (true bacteria) Eukaryota (which includes protists, fungi, plants and animals).Topic.4 Plant hormones (AQA gcse Biology, Paper 2, Topic 5 "Homeostasis and response.4.1 Control and coordination Plants produce hormones to coordinate and control growth and responses: to light (phototropism and gravity (gravitropism or geotropism).”

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