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nuclear family. It is also suggested that working mothers are responsible for social problems, such as juvenile delinquency and anti-social behaviour, because children no longer experience long-term nurturing

and socialisation from their mothers who are out at work. However, recent research has suggested that postmodern societies are characterised by a plurality, or diversity, of household academic writing services india and family types, Continue reading. They argue that we should be celebrating family diversity there now exists a greater choice and variety than ever before in terms of family lifestyles. As the stigma declines and divorce becomes more socially acceptable couples are more likely to see divorce as a means of solving marital problems. In contrast Feminists believe that the nuclear family will always be patriarchal. Family life in Britain is made up of the conventional nuclear family, cohabiting couples with children, the single-parent family and the reconstituted family. Rise of feminism. In 2001 the divorce rate was six times higher than 40 years previous. However, most are part of a modified extended family set-up where nuclear family members still feel obliged to kin and offer emotional and material support in times of crisis. New Right sociologists have suggested that social policy in Britain has resulted in the decline of the nuclear family and that this has created a range of social problems, such as unemployment, educational underachievement, rising crime rates and anti-social behaviour. Postmodernists believe that society is now changed and people no longer follow tradition. With increase in the divorce rates it means women are escaping oppression that may have come in a nuclear family. One of the main causes for changing family types and a greater family diversity is divorce, causing lone parent families, re-marriages and one person households. An example being that women are no longer performing roles, such as the triple shift. Consequently, their children may come into contact with deviant behaviour and are more likely to be stopped by the police. The New Right are also concerned about the high economic costs of single-parent families in regard to welfare payments and alleged social security fraud.

Family diversity sociology essay

This explicit family policy has attracted bus New Right criticism that Labour had constructed a nanny state which overinterferes in personal living arrangements. Such as the, a modern society such as todays Giddens idea is becoming more evident as statistically more women are working and also the birth rate is decreasing. Equal grounds for both partners in a marriage. Both Functionalist and Marxist Sociologists theorised that the nuclear family was central to most peoples experiences in modern industrial society.

Previous Target: Asses all issues in question.Assess the nature and extent of fa mily diversity in society today?

Family diversity sociology essay

Therefore, family life, may be experienced quite differently from that experienced in a conventional nuclear family unit. Of property and pensions and next of kin status. Single parenthood may be an escape from domestic violence. Housing officers may allocate singleparent families to problem housing estates because of negative stereotypes. The number of singleparent families with dependent children has tripled from 2 of British households in 1961 to 7 in 2005. The New Right perspective on family diversity New Right sociologists argue that nuclear family life is under threat. Labelling may result in a selffulfilling prophecy. Criticism of the New Right perspective on family diversity KEY point The Rapoports are very critical of the New Rights insistence that there only exists one ideal family type.


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Surveys suggest that an increasing number of young, professional women are electing to live alone.Reconstituted families, and especially children within them, are likely to have close ties with the families of previous partners.The social and economic situation of many single-parent families is extremely disadvantageous,.g.”

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