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there will be less stereotyping and prejudgments. Supporters of gay marriage have fought a long battle, and gone through lots of ups and downs. Moreover, lives of ordinary people

will not be affected by legalizing of homosexual marriage in point of fact. Morality is a group of concepts and beliefs by which an individual determines whether his or her actions are right or wrong. Moreover, for most religions, it is inacceptable and may cause conflicts in society. Changing Roles, there is an opinion that gay marriage is harmful for society as it reverses roles in family life. Could they please just make up their mind already? You should remember that there is actually nothing bad about you if you have not come up with your own clear and definite view on this matter. And it means that same sex couples who need such rights as next-of-kin rights, the right to visit their loved one in the hospital, or the right to have their loved one make decisions on their behalf, are now treated fairly. Slowly, being gay became more acceptable, and homosexuals fought for more rights, and eventually the right to marry. But What If My Attitude Is Neutral. So, it is fair to make gay marriages legal. Some states have already addressed the legal issue of same - sex marriage and others have not. The point that their parents are homosexuals doesnt make kids maladaptive or unequal. You can look through the Wikipedia article dedicated to this topic and see the real statistics. Con: Homosexuals wanting to have their immoral relationships sanctified for by the government has meant that the word marriage basically means nothing now, because its been watered down so much. Immorality, for many people, same - sex marriages are immoral; they say it destructs the conception of marriage at all and leads to depravation of nation. On May 17, 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to grant marriage licenses to gay couples. People were divided into groups of supporters and opponents of such practice. If same - sex marriage is legalized, the world will be changed entirely; it cant be argued.

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Summing up, family Structure, they still have rights, you should take into account all introduction same sex marriage essay the ideas that are put forward by those who do and do not support same sex marriages. Civil Rights are rights that cover all genders. Even though they may not be part of the majority.

Free, essay : While many people oppose same - sex marriage, there are really no valid reasons against.If your daughter told you she wanted to marry another.

As gay couples are not physically able to give a birth to children. The recent legalization of same sex marriage is a great step forward not only for gay people but for human rights in Australia. Demographic Crisis, so even scientific though you are neutral. Still, most that were gay hid it from others and did not act upon. Women can be the main breadwinner. Increasing of such marriages can lead to the demographic crisis. Judge Kevin Chang ruled that there was no good reason to deny marriage licenses to gay couples.

On November 18, 2003, the Supreme Judicial CourtMassachusetts' highest courtruled that the state "has failed to identify any constitutionally adequate reason for denying civil marriage to same - sex couples." The court required the state legislature to give those couples the rights enjoyed.There is no doubt that the marriage between two people of the same sex is a risky question to answer it very definitely.There are really no valid reasons against.


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The determination of what is right and wrong is what we rely on our legal system to provide, since often, we cannot agree in whole, in moral terms.Suggestion #3: Try to Explain What You Base Your Opinion On Despite the fact that you do not consider yourself either an adherer or an opponent of the idea that two guys or two girls can live a happy family life and raise adopted children.Men start to act like women and vice versa.”

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