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as schizophrenia. AO3 A strength of this therapy is that it has shown to be very effective in treating depression, in fact, it has shown to produce longer lasting

recovery than antidepressants. Read more of the answer Subject: Psychology Course: Health Psychology and Psychopathology Level: Degree Year: 2nd/3rd Mark: 70 Words: 2161 Date submitted: May 05, 2008 Date written: Not available References: Yes Document type: Essay* Essay ID: 2966 Question: The Process of Chemical Dependency - Discuss. It has been suggested that if you have OCD, your PFC is over activated. Psya : Discuss psychology a level psychopathology essays issues associated with the classification and/or diagnosis of schizophrenia (816 marks). Answer: Problems with depression are by no means limited to those who are. For example, a child with no previous fear of dogs gets bitten by a dog and from this moment onwards associates the dog with fear and pain. For example, some snake phobics have never encountered a snake. Going outside the acceptable standards of behaviour. Theoretical Issues Systematic desensitization is highly effective where the problem is a learned anxiety of specific objects/situations (e.g. Albert Ellis calls these basic irrational assumptions. For example, the dopamine hypothesis argues that elevated levels of dopamine are related to symptoms of schizophrenia. Cultural relativism: hese ideas are culture-bound, based on a Western idea of ideal mental health, and should not be used to judge other cultures. Failure to Function Adequately, aO1, failure to function adequately (FFA) refers to abnormality that prevent the person from carrying out the range of behaviors that society would expect from them, such as getting out of bed each day, holding down a job, and conducting successful. Family and twin studies suggest the involvement of genetic factors. Empirical Evidence Rothbaum used SD with participants who were afraid of flying. Until 1980 homosexuality was considered a psychological disorder by the World Health Organization (WHO) psychology a level psychopathology essays but today is considered acceptable. The success of the method confirms the hypothesis that phobias are so persistent because the object is avoided in real life and is therefore not extinguished by the discovery that it is harmless. Failing to cope with everyday living. Stressful job; diathesis-stress some more vulnerable (cognitive biological). Psya : Outline one psychological explanation of schizophrenia (4 marks). However, over the years along with the development of psychology as a discipline, people have realized that it is a mental condition that needs to be treated. Psya : Discuss biological explanations of schizophrenia (916 marks). This definition of abnormality is an example of cultural relativism. If you're studying Psychology why not Follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page or subscribe to my YouTube channel and get tons of free resources and updates and see just how well you can do too. Back Card 4 Front What evidence challenges deviation from social norms? Drugs that increase serotonin (anti depressants such as ssris) have been shown to reduce OCD symptoms. Prolonged intense exposure eventually creates a new association between the feared object and something positive (e.g. Not showing behaviours that are associated with social competence happiness.

Psychology a level psychopathology essays

Psychology Course, the life events of participants over the previous 12 months were assessed. Degree Year, in addition to essay writing plagiarism turnitin cognitive biases, and also whether they were suffering from depression. Being independent, conditions that are rare to the norm uncommonabnormal. Cognitive theories lend themselves to testing. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of talking. Read more of the answer Subject. One year later 2010 Date baisakhi essay bengali written, jty33 cC bysa, the precise role of cognitive processes is yet to be determined.

And are therefore at risk of exiting the therapy before they are calm and relaxed 4 marks AO3 There is empirical support to show how classical conditioning leads to the development of phobias. AO3 Practical Issues One weakness of in vitro systematic desensitization is that it relies on the clients ability to be able to imagine the fearful situation. Social behavior varies markedly when different cultures are compared. Common clinical obsessions are fear of contamination esp. Social phobias involve an intense fear of social situation or having to interact with other people. FFA might not be linked to abnormality but to other factors. Where a number of genes are involved in its development. Individual, psya, some people will psychology a level psychopathology essays not be able to tolerate the high levels of anxiety induced by the therapy. Their behavior may be incomprehensible to others or make others feel threatened or uncomfortable. The world not being able to cope with the demands of the environment and the future.


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A sense of calm and lack of anxiety).AO3 Studies using drugs have shown a reduction in dopamine levels is positively correlated with a reduction in OCD symptoms.Read more of the answer Subject: Psychology Course: Health Psychology and Psychopathology Level: Degree Year: 2nd/3rd Mark: 70 Words: 4513 Date submitted: February 05, 2009 Date written: Not available References: Yes Document type: Essay* Essay ID: 2968 Question: What role do psychological, social and biological.”

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