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per day. An eaer method, there- fore, i desirable ; perhaps the speiific gravity of the siolution affords the readiest. Edinburgh, I2th January. The material difference we find to

exist, is in thequantity of alkali, free, or combined with car bonic acid. One of these portions was treated with pure Experiment nitric acid, until the alkali was completely neu- of snveiw traliased. 1 ton 2cwt.5st, 2 years. Solution colourless ; copious effervescence ; slight turbidity.64 1117 Digitized by Google «6 ON THE eOllparativb value kelp remarks. The first by Dr -Andrew Fyfe junior, of Edinburgh ; the se-* cond by Samuel Parkes Esq., of Goswell Street, London. Prepared by Dr Hope, Professor of Chemis* try in the University of Edinburgh, at the request of the Committee, and approved by the Society Notice respecting an Improvement on the Grubber 18G part second. The method of ascertaining the composition of the insoluble redue of barilkK beipg exactly the same as that employed for kelp, it isunne cessary to state the particulars. And Wfld.) and some other eminently useful specie are deserWng o notice. Rugra Lin« and Hort. It retains its leaves, which are of a fine green, late in the autump how to analize english paper 2 question 2 ; is often employed, in conse- quence, for the purpose of concealing a marsh or stagnant pool ; and forms a pleasing contrast with other deciduous trees. 28j01.O inl0026.14iiill«4 « ISiindo. Actually cost the consumer. These three species, and others that might be added, agree in certain well defined characters ; in all of them, the single quadrangular alternate leaves, surround the shoots from whence they germinate. The European, is now grafted on the stock of the American species with great advantage. V, t Digitized by CjOOQ IC S2 ON THE goicpa ativb valux AtiaiyA. Formerly, it was nd uncommon thing for an analytical chemist to at- tempt to separate salts by priority of crystallizsu tion ; and in some processes, the manufacturing chemist does still effect this, sufficiently accurate for his purposes. The Reso« Digitized by Google tktroduction# llX lutions adopted by the Society on the occasion, having been communicated to these distinguish- ed Commanders, by his Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, then President of the Society, the following were the answers re- ceived. Caf bonic acid, combined with it - r - r 23 Neiitral salts, consistipg pf fnuriates of 6oda. 59 MB Format : PDF, ePub, Docs Download : 496 Read : 1310 Get This Book Excerpt from Prize-Essays and Transactions of the Highland Society of Scotland, Vol. It was reduced to such a degree of hardness, as greatly to re* * sist the sharpest tooL Nor did it appear that any part of it ' had perished, although it bad continued under water abovci a thousand and fdulr hundred years.

Dutch writer on shipbuilding mentions a vessel cdnstructed of larch and cypress. And showing to what uses those component parts may be pro apos. And, who has been found entitled to the first premiuita ad vertised by the Society. Twelve thorns undr wftter, mr Walker of Wooden, mr CuthberUon of Seton Ibint. Fitably applied, muriate of The muriatc of potash I have valued at 14s. Solution of green ish colour, when their allowance of oats was prize essays and transactions of the highland society of scotland doubled. Mr Walker of Mellendean 183 tjy on account of their application to this branch of rural ars. With some confidence that it would be VOL.

Prize essays and transactions of the, highland Society of Scotland, Volume 8 by Henry Mackenzie, Highland Society of Scotland Publisher printed.Davies, London, and.

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Which had long been employed as a drudge on the farm. As scotland it requires a considerable time to extricate all the carbonic acid. It appears fully ascertained, that I am well acquainted with. And therefore thrive best when planted alone. Where these can be had or produced in snC ficient quantity.


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The other half of the.To ascertaiii the state of combination of the diflerent substances the iolutiod was treated in the same wajr i» that of kelp.I do not infer from this, that whin-feeding affords an antidote to all diseases but it is sit least proof that it predisposes to none YOL.Ltd value in all kinds of husbandry work, for tools, utensils, ploughs, carts and wheels, and the coarser articles of furniture, is universally knowni It is also prized by coachmakers.”

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