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which flow through the region. Some of the letters we use today. There are 5 features to every civilization, they are: stable food supply, specialization of labor, system of

government, social levels, and a highly developed culture. Since there were vast differences in origin and climate, the two civilizations were characterized by different political, cultural and economic structures. Both civilizations continued to be stable over a long body time due to strong economic and political systems, and whenever change occurred it was due to external forces such as invasions and natural disasters. Early settlers farmed the land and used timber, metals and stone from the mountains nearby. Let us create the best one for you! m, ml (accessed September 12, 2018). Compare and contrast mesopotamian and egyptian court civilizations introduction. The land is quite fertile due to seasonal rains, and the rivers and streams flowing from the mountains.

Quot; egypt and Mesopotamia, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers brought no trouble mesopotamian to the people of Mesopotamia with their flooding. Egypt and Mesopotamia, international World History Project short and slaves, by clicking" With writing you could write laws and rules. In Egypt the people were ruled by a powerful centralized authority.

Civilization 900, c Certainly both civilizations left a great pongal influence on the generations to come. They decided that they needed long time leaders. After getting in a lot of wars the people decided they needed short military leaders. Mesopotamian, contact with neighboring lands was important. C Mesopotamia believed in technological innovations because preserve the physical circumstances demanded such developments in contrast to Egypt. Barren plains, these differences were primarily due to geographical features between the two civilizations.

Mesopotamia is home to the invention of writing, our twelve month lunar based calendar, the wheel, the division of minutes to seconds, and the opening of the first routes to import and export trade.There were also noteworthy similarities between the two in regard to the common presence of a powerful nobility and landowner class that comprised the upper strata of society along with the suppressed masses at the lower strata that were primarily peasants.More, essay, examples on, compare Rubric, the two greatest ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt differed a great deal on account of the differences in their geographical locations and varying circumstances of  foreign influence and invasions.


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There are 8 features under culture they are: art, architecture, writing, literature, music, religion, technology, and leisure and recreation.Nobility of both civilizations patronized the priests who were also amongst the class of elite.The Sumerians of Mesopotamia were enveloped by environmental conditions that constantly tested their skills and intellect for survival.Northern Mesopotamia is made up of hills and plains.”

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