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the CBA approach and LMD system that are the fundamental concepts, today, of the curriculum whose interests are in organizing and exploring learners competence (knowledge and skills). Meanwhile

competency can be described as a set of behavior patterns that an incumbent needs to bring to a position in order to perform its tasks and functions in the delivery of desired results or outcomes (Bartram,. Today, there are many of teachers and students who think that curriculum is syllabus; in fact, syllabus is a part of a curriculum. To answer these questions let us see some fundamental theories of learning:.2.1 Reinforcement Theory, this theory was developed by the behaviourist school of psychology, notably.F. 1.7 What is LMD? (1992) state that competencies could be motives, traits, self-concepts, attitudes or values, content knowledge, or cognitive or behavioral skills. Extracts from this document. Algeria as one of developing countries and a multilingual schooling is in the process of growing out of its historical roots run riot to make changes in educational policy encouraging the education ministry to revise, modify and update the curriculum for basic education, particularly. The barcode will enable the product information to be retrieved from a vast database. For that reason, to consolidate the three disciplines, Campell included three extra elements to his conceptual framework. Barcode readers read the barcode you find on the back of almost every product you can buy in a supermarket. 1.6 The Characteristics of the CB Approach The CBA approach enables learners to check their capacity to overcome obstacles and problems; it is problem- solving approaches that make learners think of well doing.

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Especially to ict their essay feelings â They are much attentive to their relationship. We can understand also that the suitable definition to the curriculum is a sequence learning opportunities given to students in their study for specific purposes. What teachers teach or learners learn comprises aims. Knowledge, and how they take place,. The Characteristics of Facilitative Teachers are.

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2 Syllabuses Syllabus is a more detailed and operational statement of teaching and learning elements which translates the philosophy of the curriculum impact of ict on society essay into a series of planned steps leading towards more narrowly defined impact of ict on society essay objectives at each level Dubin Olshtain 3, the disadvantages of email. Syllabuses are more localized and are based on accounts and records of what actually happens at the classroom level 2 The advantages and disadvantages of automation for employers The advantages to the employer of the effects. Teaching is knowledge transmission 6 Facilitation Theory or the Humanist Approach. In addition to curriculum development made by policy makers which enables learning to take place.


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1.8 The Characteristics of the LMD System In practice, we observe that the formalization of thes Cite This Work To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,.It enables students competence to affect the world beyond the classroom and to make contributions that are valued by professional and experts.Thus CBE (Competency Based Education) is based on a set of outcomes that are derived in life role situations.In this case the teacher notion must focus on how to structure the knowledge to be well received by learners.”

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