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has become a status symbol showing wealth and power. The" tells us that the kin had made many castles and where he had built them. But from other sources

we can tell that it was the period of the motte and bailey castle. These buildings include the great hall, the library, various rooms, and the chapel. The original slits would have been used to fire arrows out from the castle to enemies below using a simple bow, but when the crossbow was introduced, they needed to make a hole more suitable for. The castles which were around this time were also built as William and his men knew that the English would not like a French ruler and so there was a form of protection for them in how to write a confidence interval statement case of any rebellions held. Another one of the main defensive features of the castle is Etheldas mound; this is where the first motte and keep would have been made. We no these sources were from the manor house period, because of the fact that they have a water room, which is the first of its kind. The towers of the gatehouse were machicolated. Castles best explain how the pre-existing people have lived their lives and also it show how technology have transcended to what it is right now. The castle is located in the town of Warwick in Warwickshire, England. Also, castles were a great way of controlling the country as you could see all around and who was about to rebel. This Motte and Bailey design was replaced with a stone keep castle in 1260. It was also used for storage of provisions at various times. It was built in Warwick, England, by William the Conqueror in 1068. The final three primary sources which I have looked at are assignment essay hire all floor plans of Warwick castle. The History of the site of Warwick Castle covers hundreds of years and many different reigns. The person who owns warwick castle is maddam tussaides wax museum! The English people put up Hadrians Wall and the Roman Forts as a line of defense. 2 people found this useful 16 Examples That You Lead a Gross, Filthy, Unclean Life. It was the Norman conquerors who made the castle building an art. In the Allington Castle, Sir Thomas Wyatt was born. William the conqueror he built to protect himself from Saxons as he killed their king yes! Warwick castle is very haunted I would have to agree. The natural features which you can still see today are that the castle is on a hill, there is a wide view from towers, there are hills all around, two rivers and there is a steep slope, all surrounding the castle. No, Warwick Castle never became a concentric castle. Warwick castle was first founded in 914 as an Anglo Saxon hilltop settlement built for defensive reasons. The final source is of the same house again but in 1851. On, the trebuchet claimed the record as the most powerful siege engine of its type when it sent a projectile weighing 13 kilograms (29 lb) a distance of 249 meters (817 ft) at a speed of 260 kilometers per hour (160 mph beating the previous. Attackers could dig underneath the castle and burn all the girders down so that the whole castle cam down and was destroyed. It has very typical castle features like the great towers and gatehouse alongside the portcullis and dry ditch surrounding the castle (i can go on forever discussing the defensive system of this castle). The gatehouse features murder holes, two drawbridges, a gate, and portcullises gates made from wood or metal.

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And finally, these are copies of the original written or drawn sources. Which has eroded the rock the castle stands. Forming a cliff, during the reign of King Henry II 115489. This source backs up the previous engravings and also how the king built the castles. In 1153, we can see that both of these sources tell us similar information and therefore back each other 2nd Earl of Warwick, creative it was strategically positioned there to made it easier to safeguarding the Midlands against rebellion and to serve as a symbol. Mistakenly handed the castle over to the invading army of Henry of Anjou later Henry II after she was tricked into believing her husband was dead. The wife of Roger de Beaumont. I live in the US and had never been to this castle before and knew nothing about it before arrival. Five and nine all concentrate on the ways factories in which the castle changed and developed over time to finally become more luxurious and comfy.

T learn much about warwick castle essay the history of castles through this castle making this a weakness. So they decided to make all of the arrow slits into cruciforms. Castles in general are mainly for protection and also for economic purposes. These four sources talk about castle details such as how the water mill generates electricity for lighting and other reasons. Caister Castle was built by Sir John Fastolfe.


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As I walked into one of the large main bedrooms I felt I had been there before and told my husband at the time what we would see when we looked out the window.The, great Hall is the largest room in the Castle and continues to be the one visitors enjoy spending the most time exploring.You can see that this would have been ideally for luxury and comfort but not for defence because of the many luxurious state rooms, an electric generator, formal gardens and the large glass windows.It nevertheless survived the ever-changing fortunesof history and remained under the stewardship of the Earls ofWarwick and later the Greville Family as a private home until 1978.”

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