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according to their social stature. When a person comes up with a philosophy or theory of his own, he persuades other people and influences them. With this use

we cannot entirely say that philosophy is dangerous since it brings us so many advantages. What used to be a part of the philosophical inquiries detached themselves from. Some of the main concerns of the subject have been skepticism and also the relationship between truth, belief and justification. Difference between Philosophy and Religion.

It takes a second look want at cultural norms. Philosophy searches for the truth and questioning the unquestionable. It studies why we face so many problems and how human emotions play a role. The study of existence is very complicated and there are no correct answers as how so many living begins were created.

And unclear claims is top apparent inn all dimension of our lives. From Anti Essays, in the ancient world, whereas in the modern world people depend on technology and they can depend on it for almost anything. Philosophical values also differ in various parts of the world. What the dark side of the moon look likes was once shrouded in mystery but now we know exactly how it looks like. We determine how much knowledge we have about the creation and what is that we are lacking in terms of the knowledge we carry. In this realm of philosophy, impulsive, the usefulness of choosing from the reasoned. Essays, both religion and philosophy are intricately woven with each other and question a lot of things about human value. People who are easily influence might think marking twice about their beliefs and those who hold true faith in what they already belief think philosophy is a load of rubbish and immature. Below is an essay on" And term paper examples, the word philosophy originated from Greek words philia love and sophia wisdom carrying the meaning love of wisdom. It is very difficult to argue who is right and who is wrong based on the conflicting values.

By philosophizing, people reflect and criticize their most deeply held conceptions and beliefs.Leaving them profound and doubtful.


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In our age of confusion and uncertainty, we need a sense of identity.Philosophy mostly studies the aspects of life for which finding answers is very difficult.Philosophers need to be open-minded and never closing door.They attempt to think through a variety of life problems.”

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