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which has been publicized extensively in the last 24 months, a problem which has drawn many an international documentary whilst continually raising awareness and support. There are many campaigns

and efforts out there to raise awareness about this environmental issue, with many people getting behind the cause to help save the Rhino's and bring a stop to the out of control poaching. (sapa, 2010) The first problem is catching them, once caught most have been let free again without any official explanation as to why they hindi got off scotch free. Apart from having a sufficient manpower density on the ground, field rangers need to be well trained, equipped and effectively deployed. It is important for us to first understand the full threat of Rhino's globally and not only in South Africa, as this is seen as a global environmental issue. What most people dont know is that people poach for different reasons than hunters. In some reserves, additional specialist anti-poaching units operate in addition to standard field ranger patrols. More time, money, effort, people, organizations and communities are needed in order for their survival. On top of all of that, a lot of the animals being killed are endangered. Although all rhino species face the threat of extinction in the wild, many people still covet their horns as status symbols, powerful medicines, and aphrodisiacs." (Eloff J, 2010) It is with this kind of demand that the Rhinos all over the world are now endangered. It needs to be seen as completely intolerable with maximum punishment for those caught in the act. It is killing animals out of season, capturing endangered animals and selling them for money. Poaching Wildlife as a Demonstration of Masculinity People engage in poaching wildlife in order to demonstrate their masculinity to others. First we must look at animal abuse and define masculinity in the cases of animal abuse.

Pitted against the poachers, are the worldapos, fraar 2010. No fewer how to manage stress essay than ten why i want to become a social worker essay poachers have been killed in the park over the past five months. Each pound can fetch tens of thousands of dollars in southeast Asia where the horns are thought to have medicinal value.

Rhino Poaching Essay, sample.Troduction to Rhinos: Rhinos are unique animals.

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S fauna and flora, why do people poach, the issue has now got closer to home in the Western Cape as the first recorded Rhino poached in this region was in fact this year. Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. Many things need to be done to put an end to these animals being killed. Another factor being the vast area that the KNP covers. But there are some people out there who kill essay animals for other reasons or no reason at all. It is the sad topic of Rhino Poaching in Southern Africa which has increased drastically in recent years. Allowing poachers to go about their jobs without being detected as the area is incredibly large for authorities to cover and to keep an eye. Veterinary rhino tranquilizers and silencers to kill rhinos at night while attempting to avoid law enforcement patrols.

Insurgents eager to bolster their war chests here in India's Assam state are also involved, according to police. .The rhinoceros is very large animal in size but not mistaken for its size it very fast when running can reach speeds of 30 40 miles per hour which is about the same as a nascar racing car coming straight for you.The three animals each have an attachable Rhino horn which is connected to their face to make as if they had Rhino horns to make up for the possible future extinction of the animal.


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Hunting for food in of itself does not lead to poaching ; as in many regions around the world, such as the US, allow people to hunt traditional foods, deer and rabbits being a good example.This is a far more effective communicator that an internet based campaign as far more people in Africa have access to a television set as opposed to internet.The increase in rhino poaching is partly due to the disbanding of specialist police units, said AfriForum.”

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