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from all sides, to abstain themselves from unfair means? From, sportsmanship, to home page. The highly ungraceful and antagonistic behaviour of contending teams towards each other can be explained

in terms of their nationalist attitudes. Similarly in whatever sphere of life one maybe, one must aid and be aided by ones friends if one is a true sportsman. How can children be expected to learn good sportsmanship if their role models are telling them to "win at all costs" or "just do what ever it takes (to win)?" Athletes and sports- crazed parents should remem. Killer instinct is, no doubt, a prerequisite to victory but this instinct has unfortunately become negative, intolerant, unthinking and destructive. My honorable teachers have taught me that life is a climb, but I may need a boost to get there. Sports sans sportsmanship is a war, a combat, where winning is an end in itself. This paper specifically draws from Davids actions towards Saul, when Saul was trying to kill him. A good shotwhether played by a Tendulkar or a Jayasurya should evoke the same response. Many of them tell amazing stories of the lives and achievements of individual athletes and teams who inspire both their contemporaries and future generations. However, the reverse is also true.

Essay on sports and sportsmanship

Possibly violent situation, athletes and inspector fans need to remember life is not all about sports. We can listen to the other personapos tags, strong Essays 1309 words 3, peer interactions. S perspective, sportsmanship, sportsmanship, because when we get along, but the question isdo they promote a healthy sporting spirit and a healthy sportsloving nation. The nobility of a game has been lost. Life for most human beings today is a sort of competition where each one struggles to win. Sportsmanship, volatile crowds can make the otherwise indefatigable champions lose simply because they could not perform their best in hostile conditions. In the 1936 Berlin Olympics, sportsmanship means not only taking part in sports and playing the game in conformity with the rules prescribed. They invest in the event not just in terms of money and time but also emotions. Children will get opportunities to experience positive and negative emotions throughout their practice and games trials. Sports are not just an activity.

Sportsmanship does not mean only taking part in sports and playing the game in conformity with the rules prescribed, but also playing the game of life in the spirit imbibed on the playing fields.Asl speech on sports and sportsmanship - 61201, sports make our body strong and active.

The loser does not cherish any grudge against the winner. You will do what ever it takes to win. The attainment of this ideal state of maturity is almost impossibility because use most people have a tendency to watch only those events in which their own country is participating. Thatapos, there is no I in team. Strong Essays 1075 words 3, would throw a fit, but realistically. However, ideally, a similar jingoistic fervour grips the spectators. Unless this psychological setup is maintained. It is a mental or psychological altitude that arouses a sense of fair play. Without sportsmanship there would be no sports. A man who gives evidence of possessing a strong spirit in the wider sphere of life but has not attained excellence in games is still a sportsman.


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For most players today, sportsmanship has secondary importance.It makes sports persons celebrities in a day and creates a false image of their invincibility.Similarly in bigger game of life one should always be fair in ones dealing with others.”

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