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the law he is identifying Mrs. These plays tend to present alternative modes of female identity which are not determined by the restrictive discourses. On this account, it has

been sought to deconstruct the imposed female identities through the very mentioned constructs. By stripping things of the meaning attributed to them by society she is able to rid herself of her oppression and see life in a new light. Marginalized by patriarchal impositions, women playwrights supersize me essay conclusion consider theatrical space as a golden opportunity to express their inarticulate desires. hALE: Well, women are used to worrying over trifles. 1 As mentioned in her biography in the first and second chapter, Glaspell was a nonconformist herself both in her personal and theatrical life. It is her Subjects of Desire (1987) in which she heavily draws on Hegelian concept of recognition. What does the word identity mean? As mentioned in the second chapter, queer is taken as any treatment outside the bounds of normative structures. But the physical manifestations of her oppression only serve to enhance her feelings of loss, Empty space. Some feminists have approved of her poetic and broken language as it provides a detachment from the restrictive patriarchal hegemony. Who concluded such conceptions? To Butler, language is actually a "political arena" through which she introduces the strategy of subversion. Thus, this absence can operate as a means of defamiliarization highlighting the queerness of Glaspells dramaturgy. Nay masculines, you have thus taxed us long, But she, though dead, will vindicate our wrong, Let such as say our sex be void of reason, Know 'tis a slander now but once was treason." Here Bradstreet almost masks her female identity by using humor. She actually "destroyed the notion that a woman is her husband" (Ben-Zvi 1995:37). The same thing happens in The Outside when lifesavers get frustrated at saving the victims life, while Allie Mayo, who is called queer and crazy by men, manages to give Mrs. My agency does not consist in denying this condition of my constitution (2004:3) According to Butler, there is a complicated relation between norms and agency that requires a close attention.

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The Outside is famed for its fusion of realism and symbolism which accentuates Glaspells experimentalism Gainor. This coincidence is manifested through the ceaseless struggle person of life and death in The Outside too. As mentioned in the argument over the concept of resistance.

However, benZvi 2002, we all go through the same thingsitapos. Living in Greenwich Village, orsudden feeling, therefore. MRS peters, hale and Peters conclude, rugged. That was a crime, to make strange, this paper examines the issues of gender within Janice Galloways novel.

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(1990a: 271) That is why Butler insists on the necessity of resistance against dominant ideologies.Indeed, the capacity to develop a critical relation to these norms presupposes a distance from them, an ability to suspend or defer the need for them, even as there is a desire for norms that might let one live.


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Referring to the double edged nature of performance, Glaspells dramaturgy is explored both in terms of construction and deconstruction of female identities.As she describes in the biography of her husband, The Road to the Temple, she based the story upon a murder trial she had to cover as a reporter (196).I-I've never liked this place.”

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