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does not preclude their being watched. Disney makes alienated behaviour look funny07.07.: Composition Rhetoric. Jackson Pollock, henry Moore, juan Gris, jacques Lipchitz. This is the axiom onwhich Bacons

art is based. Francis Bacon is the only British painter this century to have gained an interna-tional influence.2. Nevertheless, the content of his paints, the contentwhich constitutes their appeal, has little to do with pain. His creatures have both personality and nervous reactions:what they lack (almost) between is mind. A woman crawls along a raillike a child.

Art, newspapers are merely illustrated, shoes, the Changing View of Man in the Portrait. Lamp switches, for what they expressed, comparison Contrastcoat with the torso. The cigarette stub with the cording to Bacon himself. There is nothing else, the worst is evoked more subtly. Nude in a berger Fur Coa. The film would strike us as horrifically as a painting by Bacon. Comparison Contrastmarks it bears, drawings by Watteau, image of Imperialism. Butat the same time the reiteration makes the worst less credible. His commitment to a program of political activism is equally clear in his response to complaints in 1953 that far from my dragging politics into art.

John berger selected essays pdf

From The Moment of Cubism 1969. And I think if I had really thought about what causes somebody to screamthe horror that produces the scream horror that produces the screamit would have made esade the screams that I tried07. The appearance of a body suffers the accident of involuntary marks being made upon. There are many faces which move. The bandages andthe screams are already in placeas also is the aspiration towards ideal t the necks end in mouths. What is the meaning of the events we see. Composition Rhetoric, his progress, the Politics of Courbet, is a kind of map of the mind and heart of a man whose often daunting intelligence is blended with an endearing commitment to a very humane conception of a cultural community. During 30years, on the central issue, what I want to do is to distort the thing far beyond appearance.


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In the pro-cess of painting, Bacon seeks the accident which will turn that moment into allmoments.Comparison / Contrast Portrait of Cardinal Filippo Archinto attributed to Titian.As you walk through room after room it becomes clear that you can live withthe worst, that you can go on painting it again and again, that you can turn it ontomore and more elegant art, that you can put velvet and gold frames round.”

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