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said, once only and never again, neglecting the consequences of their action, the minority of them really slick in manipulating the knowledge in turning it into their advantage side. For the past few years there are many newborn babies have been found, dead or live in the most unlikely places like rubbish essay about baby dumping dump. What more can we say about this. Conclusion/Recommendations: The recommendations were made to the parties concerned in this issue in order to find the best solution in curbing essay about baby dumping this problem. Societies with strong social structures and liberal adoption laws tend to have lower rates of child dumping. With self-discipline, it enables you to choose and perseveres with actions, thoughts and behavior, which lead to improvement and success because it will provide us withinner strength to overcome all sort of addictions, procrastination and laziness, which keep you from moving forward in whatever you. We will write a custom essay sample. This despicable act is rapidly escalating in our society especially among youths and teenagers. A girl gives birth in a school toilet, the biological parent give a birth in the cheap hotel and leaves it in rubbish dump site and even worst coercion by their parent when they failed on consent to accept the baby as their descendent they. Poverty is also another factor that causes in child dumping scenario in this country. This research used Descriptive Statistic and Pearson Correlation for data analysis purposes. Three hypotheses were tested and accepted.

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After all the shocking incidents proven by the data produced about by pdrm and essay Welfare Department. Statistic of baby dumping cases from the Headquarters of Royal Malaysia Police pdrm By State from 2005 until Cases of Baby Dumping Reported in Each State from 2005 until 7th April 2010 States Number of cases Selangor 105 Johor 83 Sabah 65 Sarawak 34 Negeri. Get studying today and get the grades you udyMode Premium and Free. What about the unreported and unrecorded cases.

Essay about baby dumping

Another factor graph paper notebook uk contributing the increasing of baby dumping cases is lack of knowledge education. Which put more focus in students academic and physical development instead of their mental development. For an extended period of time. Samplewritten strictly according to your requirements. This shows clearly that baby dumping is really serious problem that currently happened in our society. It already recorded 65 cases up to That is means average 8 cases per month solely in year 2010 and this figure is not included the cases that not reported 1, moreover, sex Education, they should ensure strict rules to the teachers to be serious. One of the causes of baby dumping is teenagers are lack of sex ana orphaned baby. Dumping, religious Belief, a child younger than 12 months of age in a public or private setting with the intent to dispose of the child. New Straits Times on 18th July 2010.

But in the others side, some of them especially teenager incline to be more independent with their act on what they gained in their education in school even higher education standard such university or college, furthermore, the teenager intend to try something different, or something.Increasing baby dumping cases all over the nation shown us this situation can be classified as critical social crisis, many factor will lead to this situation.


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It is so embarrassing, sad and worst scenario that happened in our society.In this study, simple random sampling was used.Or any similar topic specifically for t authentic custom.”

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