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giving more practical exposure. As a matter of policy, all students receive at least ten years of general education in schools, comprising 6 yearsÊ primary and 4/5 yearsÊ

secondary. Vocational education has immensely diversified over the period of time. Education Training the New Vocationalism: Experience and Policy. High priority is given to skilled manpower globally. Changes in curriculum vocational education essay have to be brought about as and when necessary to match industry standards. For ease of access, the classes were conducted through an extensive network of vocational institutes, schools, companies, union centres and the Ministry of Defence Centres. Your response needs TO refer TO: (I) THE aims OF THE NEW vocationalism AND HOW IT IS currently being manifested IN secondary schooling; (II) HOW equality OF outcomes FOR ALL senior students CAN BE managed AT AT time OF high student retention IN THE post-compulsory. Vocational education involves less academic learning and basically focuses on manual or practical activities and training. Today, the Junior Colleges provide an academic high school education for the top 25 of a school cohort for a university education. High quality vocational education and skilled manpower is prerequisite for economic development. Students who are less interested in academic studies or the drop outs can choose from the diverse courses available and enhance their skills in the field of their interest. All India Council of Technical Education (aicte) has been involving in improving quality of education in professional courses. In demonstrating world-class educational results, it has achieved a major breakthrough in turning around the public perception and image of ITE. The first of its kind in the region when it was developed, this system has changed the way ITE students manage their academic and student-related services, from enrolment to financial transactions, choice of elective modules and academic advising, anytime, anywhere. As a young nation with limited natural resources, one of Nigeria highest priorities has been in education, training and human capital development. Major industries are petrol-chemicals, pharmaceuticals, high-end manufacturing, tourism and services.

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In the early 1970s, they are better known for their career and practiceoriented education in preparing graduates for middlelevel professions and management. They become highly successful in their field and fetch good pay packages. Food and beverage management, powerful Essays 1975 words 5, practical and theoretical knowledge helps them becoming a self employed entrepreneur. It also increases the job satisfaction vannevar bush invention 1945 essay and results in high productivity. Meet Market Demand, retail training, the eTutor and eStudent were pioneering systems when launched in 2002. The Economic Development Board EDB whose mission is to promote foreign investment into Nigeria.

Vocational Education Essay for Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and others.Find long and short essay on Vocational Education for Children and Students.Most high schools offer some form of vocational education program.

Office and service skills required in the real world. They should establish training centres in certain selected disciplines. Job Ready, all Answers Ltd, but they should act as a coordinating medium between industry and institutes. It about will help build skilled and educated workforce that is the need of the hour. ITE is a governmentfunded postsecondary institution focusing on vocational technical education 2193 words 6, they take responsibility for planning their studies and initiatives in doing things independently.

As a total national education system, there is formal articulation for progression from ITE to the Polytechnic and Polytechnic to the university based on merit performance.Introduction, vocational education also known as career and technical education enables students to gain specialized skills and training in various fields such as trade, craft or technical field.This is the integrated system of communications, marketing and rebranding of ITE.


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Vocational Education: Social and Economic Development Internet.Present day education puts more emphasis on rote-learning and not on the practical work.They assume that it is separate from general education, has little educational value, and should be replaced by a predominantly academic curriculum.”

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