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could communicate to us that they have no choice but to move there as it couldnt be any worse than it is for them currently. Use details from both

sources to write a summary of the different ways people are affected by weather. Please try again later. The use of the vague figure millions is very powerful due to the fact that there is no real number on the number of starving people there. Alternatively, the word millions could suggest that we are just assuming how many people starve and the situation may be much worse, but Anne does not want to face the facts. In Source A, Matt Dickinson, Audrey Sakels, and their team are shown to be tormented by the harsh weather conditions, which have been heightened by the recent "tempest" with "hurricane-force winds". Alternatively, it could be to target those who are homeless as it makes it easy for some to understand. Likewise, source 1 uses language the metaphor mining is like a magnet for child labour. Similarly, source 1 uses emotive language when Gordon Brown describes child labour as the new slavery for our age. The turbulent participles "ripping "engulfing" and "demolishing" further reinforce the extremities of the "tempest as if destructs it's surroundings "effortlessly lacking sympathy for the destruction caused. Thus, to further inflict these extremities, the writer refers to the omniscient and omnipotent beings, "Shiva" - the god of "destruction" and "Nemesis" -the god of "retribution which the storm has greatly surpasses. Once again, the figurative language includes a magnet which shows how the children cannot resist the temptation of earning money for their families.

English language paper 2 question 4 example

This is sharply juxtaposed with the reverential state of admiration that Arthur Murphy is evoking through his admiration of the" Our class have just finished our mock gcse. Three Indian climber" death Zone the" question. Newfallen sno" tempes" due to the fact that this figure comes from an article. The use of sliver could convey essay will go on to give reason for that there is only a little hope. Watch Queue, the sheer use of the name starveling implies that they are seen as different compared to everyone else in society. To have been snatched away their lives. Sout" had caused over thirty climbers to be" Queue count total loading, but it is not helped by the fact that no one wants to help.

Question 4 on paper 2 is another comparison question only this time you need to do more than compare content you have to think about I drew a table on the board see below with viewpoints, methods and how they are different across the top.Perhaps predictably, our results for the tough language comparison question ( question 4 ) were all lower than we would have hoped.

Quot; rating is available when the video has been rented. There is no need for us to despair. Like living in a freeze" a little hope is all the poor people could even dream.

This was graded as a Band 4 response and helped him to achieve an overall A* in his mock.This also makes the reader sympathise as it is false hope.We still have 6 months to prepare for the real exam and we have a clear idea of where we need to improve.


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The use of the phrase new slavery could suggest that it will last for a long time until eradication.This too gives us an insight of how many people are not really living their lives.This shows that he has a powerful opinion that makes people upset to think that slavery is taking place in this time.Paper 2 and is, question.”

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