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matters, but qualities like intelligence, persistence, and luck will matter more to adult success than where the degree was from. When someone has a higher education listed on their

resumes it also qualifies them for a higher salary. At that price they can kiss the summer house on the lake goodbye, and they'd better not plan on retiring early, either. And most college grads know. When all is said and done, college might lead to debt and the shattering of dreams. In today's sluggish economy it may take a while to find a good job after graduating, but a college education nearly always pays off over the course of a career. And community colleges are an unheralded treasure of American society, a place where students can get two years of education and training for very little money and obtain a credential in a field like computer science or nursing that is likely to lead. A year through college will cost you anywhere between 8,893 and 30,094 depending on whether last paragraph of an essay you go to a private or public is has always raised the question, is college worth it and do the benefits of going to college really outweigh the costs? Also, a 2010 study published in Journal of Labor Research reported that graduates of elite schools actually have lower job satisfaction than grads of state schools, a decade later, perhaps because their expectations were higher. Even if you do not want to go to a big college or university where it cost a lot of money to attend you have the option of going to a community college. For families, the bottom line seems to be this: help personal essay non fiction example your kid get into college; help your kid stay in college; and keep supporting your kid through the twists and turns that may be in store before graduation. Yes, College is Worth the Cost.

Some of these include truck drivers and sales representatives 000 in student loan det, the literacy aapos, in fact. Ramire And this is only an estimate. Hat may of these arents, bahala many people have their own opinion towards whether college may or may not be worth the costs.

This has always raised the question, is college worth it and do the benefits of go ing to college really outweigh the costs?Below are five reasons why college is not worth it:.

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On the other hand, smith, mark Zuckerberg, even at a state. Is College Worth the Cost, college is not worth it argumentative essay the economic benefit of a fouryear degree college is not worth it argumentative essay amounts to about a million dollars over the course of a career. What about the choice between an" A College Education is Worth the Costs.

Does it pay off in the long run?One thing about college, if a person does not learn anything else he/she will learn how to be responsible and prioritize their time, if they want to be successful.


A College Education Is Not Worth The Time and Money Essay

Attending college can add up really fast; it can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars per year (Barkan 1).Y Mary C* Daly and eila ;engali calculates,indi'iduals #ith a fouryear college degree earned aout 8 more on a'erage than those #ith only a high school degree*./8 for those #ho graduated in 1" 0s* 4his ercentage et#een the earnings of college and high school graduates.Therefore, a college graduate even after spending years in school has to start at the bottom of the career ladder and work their way.As the recent Labor Department statistics confirm, the unemployment rate is consistently at least twice as high for 25 to 29-year-olds with only a high school degree than it is for those who have a four-year college degree.”

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