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all countries joined the League. The number of people who were left homeless paled in correlation to the number of lives lost on both sides of the war. A

country resented by many had no other choice but to feel optimistic toward Adolph Hitlers empty promises making it substantially simple for him to gain power so quick. The four main causes that started the first world war. Building up their army would in turn provide Germany with many jobs lost in the Great Depression. Benito Mussolini, the dictator of Italy, had begun waging a war in Ethiopia using chemical weapons, such as mustard gas, and slaughtering thousands of innocent people. Because Germany had lost the war, the treaty was very harsh against Germany. In America, it was initially called the European War. A lot caused of events throughout the world led to the beginning of World War. Lee, an American career military officer, one said, I and the army were born for one another. After seeing what a disaster World War One was, people thought the only was. A League of Nations was set up after World War I to help try to keep the peace, however, the United States did not join, and other countries were too busy with their own problems to concern themselves with Germany and other trouble spots.

What caused ww2 essay

In wartime, plunging the, hitler stated that the Soviet questions Union was run by the Jews. And times were extremely hard all around. Workers all over the world lost their jobs. The war in Europe began with Germanys unprecedented invasion of Poland in 1939. Staging General Francisco Francos fascists against a variegated alliance of Communists and Democrats. World trade fell off, there were numerous causes to the War itself.

But what caused this war?Well, world war II had six major causes: anger over the Versailles Treaty, the failure of peace efforts after world war I, the rise of Fascism, the goals of Hitler, the isolationism by America and Britain, and the re-armament of Europe.For Americans, World War II had a clear-cut purpose; they were fighting to defeat tyranny.

Aside from Hitler and the what caused ww2 essay failure of the Treaty of Versailles. Ending the war in Europe, it was intended that all countries would be what caused ww2 essay members of the League and that if there were disputes between countries they could be settled by negotiation rather than by force. Throw in the Great Depression, the effects of World War II were even worse in comparison. And built high hopes that Germany would become economically selfsufficient with the newfound wealth of food and raw material sources. And place troops on his own frontier.

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Available from: p?vref1 Accessed 6 November 2018.Germany was forced to accept the responsibility of the war damages suffered by the Allies.After the end of World War I, Germany saw the rise of Adolf Hitler and his concept of Nazism (National Socialism, later converted to the National Socialist German Workers Party, nsdap) both of which became quite popular in 1930s.


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Those were the words and goals of President Woodrow Wilson (President from 1913 to 1921).The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I between Germany and the Allied Powers.This primary source helps explain militarism was an underlying cause of the war because it states with war, you can gain success and prosperity.”

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