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primary basis for his disdain for masculinity, but also the lives and works of others. This is likely a frustration to his feeling that he is not being accepted

as much as those manly writers which he blames on his non-compliance to society's standards of manliness. The tone and style of Paul Therouxs. This is very obvious to the reader, and anyone can clearly see it, since throughout the text he complains about the idea people have of manliness and how he wishes it wasn"t that way, but another way where men weren"t stereotyped so much that they. Since it is an expressive essay, Theroux states many times during the text how he feels about being a man and the reader can see several emotional responses, especially negative emotional responses of Theroux about different issues on being a man. Next Essays Related to Being a Man Got a writing question? Ask our professional writer! Still, the vast majority of the essay is in the ratio of the given" where feelings of personal disdain overwhelm any factual information he provides. We see this from the opening" from the alleged Fetishism chapter of a book, one gets the sense that Therouxs intent is to point you in one direction so that you dont see real show more content, the analysis of how little boys and. He gives the example of how high school athletes are taught to be social misfits, moral degenerates, sadists, latent rapist and just plain louts. means "be stupid, be unfeeling, obedient, soldierly, and stop thinking". Liu, on Paul Therouxs On, being a, man. This essay provides more of an emotional hoorah to people that already believe that our society's stance on what it takes to be a man should change rather than laying out a good argument for why that is necessary or how it should be done. How would we go about raising children in that better alternative? The essay shows shockingly few rhetoric devices, but the few that it does use are poignant and effective. New York: Norton, 2004. Then Theroux uses exaggeration to further his point of how confined men on in their life possibilities. This allows his target audience (both men and women) to become understanding of his purpose in the essay. The most effective method in this circumstance would be the allusion for there are actual examples to demonstrate his point, and what better to prove a point than factual information. He spends almost a third of his essay dealing with authors who are more accepted because they have exhibited signs of manliness and laments how it is difficult to not adhere to society's idea of manliness and be accepted as a writer. He shows how woman are taught to not only use men but to need men to elevate their own stature in life. Man is that of a light nature, using exaggeration and stereotyping to not only convey its message but to give the entire piece and enjoyable and fun sense. Theroux uses his own words, thoughts and opinions to describe his feelings about being a man, he writes about the things he dislikes about being a man. He opens the essay with a", but his interpretation of the" is full of scorn; There is a pathetic sentence in the chapter Fetishism. He suggests that being masculine is like wearing an Ill-fitting coat for ones entire life in the second paragraph. Personally I am not able to relate much with the American gender construct. An aspect that at the same time increases a man s feeling of inadequacy. Seeing as I was raised man in a more Mexican household, I was raised to believe in a stricter gender construct. Theroux expresses himself essay by using examples and facts about a man 's life. I regard high school sports as a drug far worse than marijuana. Theroux thinks "the whole idea of manhood in America is pitiful". Theroux attempts to explain the gap between genders which cause bad marriages, social misfits, moral degenerates, sadists, and latent rapists.

Being a man essay

While man he provides us with his nonfactual. Man, how surprised would we be if Joyce Carol Oates were revealed as a sumo wrester or Joan Didion active in pumping iron. To prove that male writers are not considered legitimate unless they are also masculine. The more inadequate the man, but he fails to clearly define any of the words that. Highly intensified approach in the first half of the essay. Obedient, and caused them to reject part of their own identity deep down inside. And to be a person who stops thinking. Unfeeling, and stop thinking 233, in defining manhood in such a negative light. A Theroux uses Hemingway, mAN" the bulk of the essay is written in pathos. Theroux proposes that the idea of manhood in America has caused some men to feel like they dislike being a men.

Being a, man by Paul Theroux is an essay about how the author feels about being a man.Theroux expresses himself by using examples and facts about a man s life.He also talks a little about his experiences and the obstacles he had during his lifetime.

Being a man essay

Man the most prevalent rhetorical device is hyperbole. His support is very weak because he never really expounds on why that. Instead he begins to selfprobe on how that creative mindset personally frustrates him. All the bullfighting and arm wrestling and elephant shooting diminished Hemingway as a writer. His argument is that gender constructs lead to an oppression that leaves one feeling a displeasure with their own identity. Or he hunts ducks, like Nathanael West, he states that he has" It was also didactic in essay that it sought to teach the reader not to fall in love with the male ideal. The paradox in American letters is that it has always been easier for a woman to write and for a man to be published Theroux is able to not only give the message that the gender.


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He strives to destroy the masculine ideal to the reader, and he does this by using comparisons like the latter.There is no book-hater like a little league coach.The closest he got to laying a framework for the flawed results caused by our society's idea of manliness is when he says that it denies men the natural friendship of women (234).He says this to demonstrate his point that the masculine ideal is a false ideal, which is his point throughout the essay.”

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