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sure that your argument is building as you. You could say, Other resources of communication should be adopted such as messaging and teenagers should be encouraged to have outdoor

activities rather than sit home and stick their heads to the computers. Content refers to the relevance and development of ideas; language refers to style and accuracy. Conclusion yes, youve made it to the end of the essay and said all youve got to say! Dont get emotional and carried away over the course of your writing. On the other hand, objectors of the Internet argue phrases to use in essays cae that it spoils the young generation by spreading pornography and violence, which is considered rampant nowadays. The same goes for structure. Ill break down my first paragraph into different sections so you can see what I am trying. Manners in which you can start the essay: Ease into the topic then generally give your opinion. After disputing youre counter arguments finish on a high by adding a strong ending sentence to conclude your essay. Then you are royally f*ked! Try and use the words of the question to keep your paragraphs on track. Similar to any other technological inventions, the Internet has both pros and cons; nonetheless, its benefits far outweigh its harms. Spend 5-10 minutes doing this in the form of notes. You are free to use your own ideas but make sure you keep to the topic. With the widespread availability of messengers and social networks like Yahoo and Facebook, people can easily communicate irrespective of their geographic locations. The contrast of the size and power of the city interacting with the beauty, grace and tranquillity of nature make the image seem divine and magical. The houses that seem asleep and stilled mighty heart suggest this hustle and bustle still exists, but it is resting and allowing man-made architecture to peacefully interact with the beauty of a calm morning in nature. Make sure that you follow all the instructions very carefully, and write the required number of words. Example of opening: Hi Sally, Dear Mum, Example of ending: Love, Your lovely daughter, Tip 2: Follow the required number of words. When asked to give a range of possible views then you are being discursive and may or may not choose to say what you personally believe. In Exercise 6 and 7, you may be asked to write your opinion about something in the form of a newspaper article, or perhaps for your school newsletter or magazine. Evidence He also talks about how Ships, towers and other man made structures open unto the fields, and to the sky, explanation which connects the brilliance of human architecture with a usually non-associated beauty of the natural world; in the early morning the city almost. Make sure you pay attention to the key words in questions when you are planning and answering it is worth underlining key words to remind you. We start making a point relevant to the question and then go slightly off track then we cant even see the question because weve just followed our train of thought. As one of the busiest cities in the world, London is usually associated with traffic, fumes, noise and bustle, but in this poem it is a tranquil paradise. For example Hence all these points show that Social media is indeed an unnecessary part of life which has been forcibly indulged into the life of teenagers. With the omnipresence of online shops, many people are able to save their precious time shopping.

Only for your ability to dissect and analyse a poem. But is so touching in its majesty this tells us that Wordsworth is not just impressed he is almost lost for words and feels an emotional response essay the beauty before him. Nevertheless, you do not get marks for technique spotting. Tions memorised to include in my essay. It focuses your entire essay to provide a direct answer to the question. For poetry, you present a balanced argument that contains for and against points. You can also add the fact that other mediums of communication such as email.

The reason for this is that if youre writing in paper favour. You should get two choices for questions. Explanation When he describes the myopia city wearing the beauty of natures morning the lines are heavy with punctuation to slow the pace of the poem and allow us to appreciate and ponder the images he presents.


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Gone are the days when international communication meant a delay of several days to months.Evidence This image is enhanced with the claim that never did the sun more beautifully steep on any natural landmarks, explanation telling the reader that Wordsworth thinks human architecture can rival mountains and valleys in the awe-inspiring stakes.Sheers explores the concept of loss by contrasting his relationship with his parents as an adult to that of his youth.However, you need to address the person that you are writing.”

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