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also be watched. Children tend to like the characters of their idols on the television programs or movie without thinking whether their idols are doing the good or

bad thing in that show. After the black-and-white TV came the colour. Give them more confidence in themselves. Children need to get enough sleep so that their brain can work and can think carefully. From that time a lot of things has changed. The television is an important means of mass media and communication. Those who watch television for long durations of time are referred to as couch potatoes. Most of the shows on television are using violence as the central to the storyline, where the heroes and villains can get what they want by using violence as it is an effective way. 4.1 they have sleeping problems BY watching television. News broadcasts on television include segments on politics, business, trade and sports. We are doing our young people a real disservice by attempting to protect them from straight and open information that is imperative for adjustment in the real world.(Maw, 2007). It is true that it can be affected by surrounding people but we have to remember that our surrounding people are random people. For instance, there are specific channels that show programmes on agriculture, business, trade, spirituality, music, dance, theatre and films. Media Awareness Network (2010 Beauty and Body Image in Media, viewed, Cite This Work To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,. Eventhough aggressive and violent behaviors are contributed through other channels, television is the main source which will lead to this behavior. However, we have to remember that youths are still young and they are still learning about things around this world.

They will react equally to animated violence and real violence due to the weak link between their fantasy essay and reality. Print, there are both old blackandwhite films and latest colour films that are shown. Behavior styles developed while watching television. The TV is a portable piece of equipment. Of course the answer is no years and that is why television is the most influence medium which can affect self development and self esteem.

Television is not only a source of entertainment and advertisements.Of quiz- programmes shown on the,.V.Which provide extra knowledge.

Viewed, apos, however, television could bring a lot of cons to viewers too. Engineers and scientists invented a lot of model useful machines. It is not that they paul auster why write essay will spend their time with their parents and peers to talk about it for 24 hours. Watching tv programs, therefore, television should, apos. November 2018 p, do television programs affect the attitude of todays youth. Which is more relevant, occasionally, certain parts in drama can also teach us to become more alert in the cautious situation. Monitor on what they are watching. Vref1 accessed 17 November 2018 Reference Copied to Clipboard. Jung children are watching full of violence and brutality cartoons and movies.

Besides news and views from around the world, there are channels that feature programmes on arts, culture, sports, religion, spirituality, films, agriculture and business."Television is helping me and my family learn English more quickly Jacques Camembert said.Reference Copied to Clipboard.


Paragraph on, television in English Long and Short Paragraphs

6.0 conclusion To summarize, television programs contribute more damage than benefits.Therefore, television became a very important and influential part of culture in our daily life.Every tv-station broadcasts many commercials, the movies are being interrupted and we are watching commercials for few minutes.Important scientific discoveries, significant large-scale events and obituaries are also part of news broadcasts.”

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