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box by assuring that the employees notice that they are important and valued to the company. Another weakness of me will be having a strong eager to get

things done fast. Place Starbucks was location at the public place such as in the shopping centre so it was convenience to the consumer to purchase. Leadership doesn't just require knowing the needed skills. Develops: Steve Jobs have develops few companies. He knew the strength of each individual; therefore, he could put them into the right position. Its taking lower price rather than other. Managers are directly responsible for inspiring work ethic in their employees and maintain high employee motivation. A leader knows how to press on the right buttons of everyone to motivate and inspire them, make them really want to do their best to achieve the common goal of the group. Directing Managers will determine what tasks must be done and get subordinates doing. Leaders ask for the lesson learning from failure experiences. Competent: Decided actions should be based on reason and moral principles. He will step-by-step to do the jobs and follow the well instruction to avoid the accident. Besides that, bring your own Starbucks Tumbler and can save RM2.00 on your favorite beverage. Management helps organization to use its budget on producing the products and services with promised quality. In that case, the manager tells the subordinates what to do, and the subordinates do their mission because they have been promised a reward for doing. Democratic leaders promote followers to participate, but maintain the final opinion over the decision-making process. I need to work on it as it might affect my future performance in a company. Leadership style, although the further research has cited more specific leadership styles, there are still three main styles of leadership that were established in 1939 by psychologist Kurt Lewin as followed: Authoritarian Leadership (Autocratic authoritarian leaders, also identified as autocratic leaders, give clear expectations for. So, Steve Jobs can consider as a good manager, a good leader and also can both together. Vref1 titleThe Qualities Of A Good Manager Management Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. They are also subordinates of the company. He kept his dream as a vision and tried to do his best to make it come true. First, leadership involves other people- subordinates or followers. Their subordinates work for them and largely do what they are told. Many people believe leaders are born to be leaders while management qualities can be trained. Managers understand the people who work beside them; therefore they will know which person is the best choice for specific tasks (Bennis,., 2009). The first company he develop is apple computer, after that is NeXT computer, after that, Jobs bought in The Graphics Group People oriented: Steve Jobs could make to convince everyone with him, because he convinced the powers of the existence of a people, he can struggle to lead his colleagues together to complete a task. . Tesco always do the promotion on the flyer to attract the consumer bought and try. Tesco brand product is cost leadership and it is cheaper than other company because it is using the economics of scale (EOS) to operate their company brand product. Hitler used his power to control the people. Autocratic leaders make decisions by themselves with little or no contribution from others. As a manager: Administrates: Steve Jobs have a strong ability to manage the resources and the staff. They are seldom seen in the market but have a group of specific consumer will purchase. He looked for the way to help his nation out of the French control from learning the lessons of other countries. The lower prices can attract the consumer to buy the product compare with other product. Proving by what he did, people believed in what he promised. Trust: Leaders and subordinates must have the skills to make the task smoothly. .

In the new society,"" by having creativity. Discuss and share the opinions together. He encouraged the people to recovery being a manager essay and built strength in the German economy after World War. With the impacts of globalization, many people believe that they are different while the others think that they are two notions that can be used interchangeably. quot; i can motivate the staff to the higher level of performance. Therefore, leading would become a new trend in the business instead of management. This also ensures being a manager essay they are able to catch any abnormal activities such as money laundering before they become an irreparable issue. And there are provide the consumer wifi functions and the environment is comfortable than other.

A manager is a person with a job of overseeing one or more employees or department to ensure these employees or departments do their job or assigned duties as required.A manager helps others to get more done by motivating the employees, providing directions, making sure the employees working together towards a common goal, and providing feedback.

Very limited land space and lack of almost important manager kinds of natural resources. By showing physical and mental patience. Leadership is manager considered as the ability to guide and motivate a group of people to a common purpose Bruce Bagley. Singapore was also one of the richest. Unfairness is the enemy of justice. Regardless of many difficulties, the leaders in some organizations do have subordinates because they are also managers. Safest and most orderly countries in the world although it is a country with small size of population.


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Fair-minded: Leader treats fairly to all people.Planning is an efficient thinking about ways for achievement of pre-determined goals.D) Good communication: Due to the changes brought about by the complexity of the network and fast, so the communication between employees is more important strategy, but few people can grasp the full impact of the network level. .”

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