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offer programmes to students that are designed, quality assured and funded by a higher education institution (the franchiser). This recognition of the purpose of higher education in the

development of our people, our society, and our economy is central to english our vision. Recommendation 68 We recommend to the Funding Bodies and the Research Councils that they review their mainstream teaching and research funding arrangements to ensure these do not discourage collaboration between institutions; and that, where appropriate, they encourage collaboration. 8.58 We recognise that any form of accreditation of teaching will need to take account of the ways in which high quality teaching is underpinned by scholarship and research. Trade has increased steadily over many centuries, as shown in Table.3, although the position of individual countries varies. Our immediate concern is that the swift and sudden introduction of tariffs would have a dampening and damaging effect on development and use of such materials. We were also interested in the initiative taken by the Further Education Funding Council for Wales (fefcw) to allocate additional funds to those institutions which enrol students from disadvantaged localities, as represented by their home postcodes. (1) It told us that institutions ' need to apply a wide range of management skills and experience if they are to survive and prosper, particularly at a time of tight financial constraints '. Chapter 9 16 We recommend that all institutions of higher education should, over the medium term, review the programmes they offer: with a view to securing a better balance between breadth and depth across programmes than currently exists; so that all undergraduate programmes include sufficient. 11.96 We also believe that part of the privilege of working in a department selectively funded for research is an obligation to provide reasonable access and support to committed and qualified individuals from other institutions. This research ethos is quite different from that in 'teaching' universities which have teaching of the highest quality to degree level as their principal purpose, yet require most of their teaching staff to engage in research, primarily to support their teaching.

S own quality assurance by indicating the extent to which programme providers are achieving their objectives and students are achieving appropriate standards. Urged a continuation of present arrangements in that essay country. We have recommended the provision of research funds through multiple streams. In addition, the prevailing view was that the United Kingdom was entering a postindustrial phase in which manufacturing would play little significant part. In Chapter 16, we are grateful to the cvcp and Professor McNicholl for giving essay us access to his findings. During the 1980s, assessment also contributes to an institutionapos.

Specimen question papers are available for National 5, Higher and Advanced, higher qualifications.Exemplar question papers are available for.

Participation sqa by young people from socioeconomic groups IV and V semiskilled and unskilled has increased in recent years. On this basis, we also conducted two surveys to engineering find out the views of staff. However, for students entering higher education at later stages in their lives often from employment the use of a Progress File could help to improve links between formal and informal learning and help people to value what they can do as well as what.

Future networking.35 We have considered how networking can be more fully exploited by the higher education community.We would encourage initiatives which identify collaborative opportunities between higher education institutions and local authorities to bid for Lottery funding to support joint projects.


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Page 352 Influencing the supply and demand for higher education.22 The second function of the Funding Bodies is to help to influence the overall levels of supply and demand for higher education.Its essence is that an institution's income is directly related to its success in recruiting students.The engineering professional bodies are exercised about the quality of many undergraduate engineers and feel that too many students who would, in the past, have taken a Higher National Diploma are now encouraged to aim for a degree.”

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