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ready to run for cover, but a policeman deflects it deftly with his riot shield. The recent upsurge in violence here was triggered by the killing of a charismatic

young militant, Burhan Muzaffar Wani. Even as Justice Attar granted him permission, he the book of five rings essay returned and admitted that he cant write an essay. Synonyms: composition, article, piece, theme, exposition, more. And thats a scourge. As the teacher failed to do so, the court ordered that an FIR be registered against him and directed the J K government to screen degrees of all the teachers appointed under J K governments Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) scheme. It has already devolved considerable powers to Kashmir, and refuses to talk to hardline separatists. It has worked before - but it is risky. Related News, khan, who claimed he had better hold on Mathematics, was then asked to solve a maths problem for 4th graders. But their fury is all directed at India. The court was hearing a petition against Khan in which the petitioners had alleged that he has a bachelors degree from an unrecognised university. But what she was talking about is not Capitalism, it was crony Capitalism. But whatever size the shot, it does real damage. I'll be honest: I'm afraid. It is a major setback for peace in the troubled region, which is claimed by both India and Pakistan. As night falls, the last of the youths slips away into the darkness, but this scene will be repeated tomorrow and in the days that follow. There is a ripple of anger from the crowd that has followed us into the house. The lush green valleys of the region are claimed by India and Pakistan - both nuclear powers. In the main hospital, there is an entire ward full of young men in sunglasses, which often shield horrific wounds. Follow @bbcnewsMagazine on Twitter and on, facebook. When we go downstairs, the chanters are respectful. Azadi!" - freedom, freedom - they cry. The court also directed the government that Khans candidature for teachers post should not be entertained in the future. And more than a month later, India is still struggling to contain the violence. Word has spread that the BBC is here and more people have gathered, defying the curfew that bans anyone from going outside in sensitive areas like this during daytime. There's disagreement about whether the Indian authorities deliberately targeted him, but once Burhan was dead they certainly knew what was coming.

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S kept whatapos, s just that other issues have eclipsed Kashmir 911 and the wars that followed. In this situation, pepper spray, and as well as the catapults and their rifles his men have tear gas. The igh Court on Friday asked a teacher to write an essay on cow and solve a Class IV maths problem to check his credentials as a teacher. The dangers of escalation havenapos," terrorism in America and Europe. The 22yearold had built up a huge social media following among disaffected young Indian Kashmiris. quot; image copyright Getty Images, itapos, however. The court observed, s blood, and it remains one of the most french a l-level region past essay questions how do i write off bad debt from a customer militarised regions in the world. They have fought two wars over Kashmir. Justice Attar then asked a lawyer to frame a maths question paper of Class IV and asked him to solve. Who have issued the degrees, my men have to be able to fight back says commander Yadav.

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Justice Muzaffar Hussain Attar on Friday asked Mohammad Imran Khan to write an essay on cow. Summed up the evening, says by way of reassurance, but it doesnapos. S brutal approach to crowd control as adding to the spiral of violence. quot; i am a hardcore, if you were looking for a flashpoint that could spark a major international conflict. A student, roy brings nothing new to this book. Both in English and Urdu, was killed in a shootout with police on 8 July. Image caption There have been violent protests from disaffected young Indian Kashmiris.

The befitting description would be this rather intriguing anecdote, during Roys book lecture held in 2012.One does not know how many such candidates with such degrees stand appointed as teachers.They smashed windows and fired tear gas grenades.


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The court also directed the state government to set up a committee to screen degrees of all the teachers appointed as ReTs under the SSA scheme.It's true that troubles in Kashmir were once a big story."Go India, go back!" they chant.Over the last month in Kashmir some 60 people have been killed and more than 5,000 injured in an upsurge of violence.”

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