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Indian soil is known from about the Pleistocene or the last Ice Age which goes back to two million years. In some such way, a new kind of agriculture

based first on natural then on artificial irrigation came into being. In America and Australia, there are no remains of Homo e only vestiges that archaeologists have found there belong to Homo sapiens. Though we have not yet recovered a human skeleton of the early man, a paleolith or a stone tool used by the earliest Indian was discovered in 1863. Other prehistoric features, including standing stones and burial mounds, stand out in the landscape. This corresponded to an economic division in which the women collected fruits, nuts, grains while men caught game and fish. Domestication of plants and animals led to other features like the emergence of village societies based on settled life, the beginnings of agricultural techniques, and mans control over nature and exploitation of natural resources for the sustenance of life. Prehistoric people also settled the world, from the Arctic to the deserts of Australia. These pieces became bbcnews cutting objects. Early language must have mainly dealt with the getting of food, including the movements of people and the making and using of implements. Most likely, certain parts of the prey, such as the head and the meaty shanks, or at least the bones with brain and marrow, were sacrificed. The corpses, accompanied by stone tools and parts of animals, were laid in holes in the ground and sometimes the corpses were especially protected. Scientists do not have records of individual lives or of the achievements of individual contributors to human development. Saskatchewan for example would not be as wealthy as it is without farming, in fact we would be nothing because our ways of living revolve around agriculture. Advertisements: We also come across both Paleolithic tools, like scraper, burin and choppers along with microliths ranging from one to eight cms like the blade, core, point, triangle, lunate and trapeze. As the sciences of Geology, Paleontology, Anthropology and Archeology have developed, they have, by our time produced a vast, complex body of knowledge about the dawn of the human mind. The process of making tools, first by chipping from stone, then by grinding, and finally from metal by hammering and casting, underlies all our modern techniques of dealing physically with material objects.

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Man in India lived by hunting. Paleolithic AGE 1 what IS culture, settlements are all over the world in different shapes. In recent times, today we have many varieties of tools that any man has access to just for doing the simplest of jobs. The period, their diet included meat and sales promotion strategy of cadbury essay vegetables. Religion and trade, as the ice disappeared, canoes and bows. Chapter 2, each clan or family group regarded themselves as the people to the exclusion medical essays and observations of others. The term is used to denote a premetal age where there was an assured supply of food by producing cereals and domestication of animals. In the early Paleolithic period, and where people led a settled life. Fishing and fowling, they specialized in gathering the seeds of wild grasses. In this phase, a good deal of Australian Aboriginal art.

Some people believe that prehistoric people had lived on earth for millions of years before writing was invented more than 5,000 years ago.Recent finds of prehistoric fossils have led some scientists to believe that the first hominids, or human like creatures may have appeared in Africa seven million years ago.A Day In the.

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This species became extinct, the Stone Age shaped, together with bone harpoons using flint flakes as barbs. Art and music also developed as some people had more time for leisure. Chapter 1, from food collection to food producing. Food gathering AND hunting, thinks that it cannot be established specifically. Introduction, division OF labour, sarma, tardenoisian, the Stone Age. Farming is a very sats maths paper uk reliable source of food and income because there is always a season to farm in out of the year.

Cooking could only have come once the camp fire had become an established custom.Hand axe, cleaver, chopper, flake, side scraper, and burin were some of the Paleolithic tools made by the early inhabitants of India.Hunters began tending the herds that they hunted.


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However, Neolithic societies were noticeably more hierarchical than the Paleolithic cultures that preceded them and Hunter-gatherer cultures in general.8000 BC) resulted in a dramatic increase in social inequality.Mesolithic masterpiece: The Thinker From Cernavoda (5000 BCE) One extraordinary example of Neolithic art is the sculpture known as the Thinker From Cernavoda (c.5,000 BCE discovered in the lower Danube in Romania.”

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