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from other relevant subjects earlier in life, studies have shown that it improves their academic skills in all areas. According to Rubins (1987) Classification of Language Learning Strategies, there

are three strategies that contributes to learning. Many countries with high immigration levels have trouble with a lack of integration, and persuasive this is often because of the face language barrier, so people end up being segregated, staying in communities where their own language is spoken. Caccavale explains that students who are learning a foreign language out-score their non-foreign language learning peers in the verbal and. We can understand a language is verbal things but mimics and gestures also is a language. This is true as these strategies contribute indirectly to learning since they do not lead directly to the obtaining, storing, retrieving and using of language (Rubin and Wenden 1987:23-27). We dont know them literally. Some students would argue that taking a foreign language class in high school would not benefit them after graduation, as they plan to study a major in which being multilingual is not essential. Firstly we have to learn what the language. Some people believe that learning a second language takes away from learning other subjects. The language is a system of communication consisting of sounds, words, grammar, or the system of communication used by people in a particular country or type of work. It is known that feedback essential part of learning.Sometimes feedback is not good for students and sometimes not helpful for them.Even worse they dont care feedback on assessment. However, most of these attempts to classify language learning strategies reflect very few obvious changes. In addition, it gives them the ability to communicate with and accept people from other cultures, Lastly, it leads to a greater performance on standardized test due to many studies. This awareness allows people from different nationalities and religions to get along with each other better, which is very important given the high levels of immigration. Some people believe that learning more languages leads to confusion, but besides the odd word being misused, this is simply not the case. First off, students should begin learning foreign languages at a young age because it increases their ability at problem solving. A child learn own language while he / she is growing. Globalization has recently reached the corporate world, and seemed to be instantaneous. Students who have learned a foreign language in high school have proven to have a show more content, requiring two years of foreign language study for high school graduation would benefit students greatly as they move onto college. They just care marks.If they were realized importance of feedback, education would better. Memory strategy is used to store information meanwhile the Cognitive strategy is a mental process used to comprehend material. Although some believe learning a language takes away from the study of mathematics, the change in performances on standardized tests demonstrates that understanding the language improves their mathematical ability.

You have to study the grammar from scratch. Especially when your language skills get to a higher level 1216 Words 5 Pages, and therefore end up with a much more indepth knowledge of grammar as a whole than people who only speak one language. Language is a key part of any family. From the language of learning essay cavemen, we say a language is a person but we dont know what is the time of learning foreign language and how many language we can learn 500 the language of learning essay languages spoken around the world today 21 of children age 5 to 17 spoke a language. To Old English, clearly, to the Egyptian use of hieroglyphics.

Importance of, learning Languages Essay.This is just a sample.

William OGrady2007 main focus of show more the bloody chamber essay content. Thus the Compensation strategy is the that helps to prevents learners knowledge gap. But then being asked to relocate abroad. Particularly as a member of a team Source. Furthermore, setting goal and selfmanagement, people are frequently beginning jobs for which they need no language skills. Overall there can be no denying that learning languages is wholly positive for individuals and society and that it is highly important to know more than one language.

However, studies have shown that studying a foreign language builds more skills than just language.The ability to speak, read, write and understand more than one language is also remarkable and expands the liberties in life, especially for young people.Communication strategy focuses more on active participation in communication as well as to get clarification from the language tutor of intended information.


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She shows assessment tasks.This strategy aims more towards communicative competence. Therefore, they are capable of performing mental skills at a higher capability.”

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