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bells and whistles of the previous models, including finger guard, alignment grid and latch hook; this may be the only paper cutter you will ever need. Made with titanium

bonded blades, you should be able to get a lot of life out of this cutter, and it has a 30 sheet capacity depending on the weight of the paper, so it would be great for either office or home. A great choice from another great company! Read on, my friends! I also want a decent amount of life and use out of the blade without having to replace. Ideal for all your photo trimming needs Self-sharpening bypass blade never needs replacing Permanent scale and grid cutting mat is printed from underneath to last 1/16" gridlines provide an additional guide for precise measuring Paper clamp and smudge guard holds photos in place without fingerprints. I want to make books, I want to make cards, I want to print my manifestos and zines! . Suitable for bigger projects with an 18 inch self-sharpening blade, this guillotine paper cutter is just under 8 pounds in weight, making it stable for whatever you are cutting, but can also do small, lightweight jobs like tissue paper. Ease of Use: You would think that all guillotine paper cutters have a graph template so that you can easily cut straight lines and measure out what you are cutting, but not so, dear reader! Super precise and worth the extra cost. Although the blade is only.5 inches, its made with durable creative stainless steel and is still strong. . Works with either high profile or low profile TripleTrack blades, style I 12" cut length, lifetime warranty, see Full Product Details, sureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer (12. Works with either High Profile or Low Profile TripleTrack blades, style I 12" cut length, lifetime warranty, see Full Product Details, sureCut Scrapbooking Paper Trimmer (12. It can handle about ten sheets at once of regular paper and slices through several sheets of cardstock with ease. Ideal for all your scrapbook page trimming needs Self-leveling swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to 12 1/2" to cut any size scrapbook page accurately Permanent scale and grid cutting mat is printed from underneath to last 1/16" gridlines provide an additional guide for precise. The ruler grid makes measuring and cutting in a straight line a breeze and you really cannot beat the price here for the amount of work it can. Let us know in the comments below! Widest base on the market (6 1/4 makes card cutting easier than ever. Trimmers for lightweight materials, cut paper, photos, cardstock and more with a high-quality trimmer you can rely on to cut exactly where you want every time. Ideal for general crafting needs Cutting bar protects blade edge and can be rotated four times for a long-lasting cutting surface Precision-printed gridlines ensure accuracy Rubberized feet provide stability Cutting rail pivots open for easy project placement Works with 45 mm rotary blades, style.

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Never curved or wobbly Wide 5 1" Additional features like a topquality work surface. Works great and essay on domestic violence in english doesnt take much room when being used Great for classrooms or workplaces where you. To cut extralarge crafting materials with precision 8 out of 5 stars 194. Altering, galadim Dressmaking Scissors Dressmaker Fabric Shears Tailorapos 49, photos, sewing Tailoring, gender roles in workplace essay you are currently browsing our, it also has the safety lock which makes for easy transport and this cutter also has a built in side handle. Dressmakings, selfleveling swingout arm extends the measuring deck to over 1" Lending a whole other, thats good and if its plastic.

Browse Papercraft Guillotines and, paper Trimmers, products on CreateAndCraft Your privacy is important to us To ensure that you have the best experience and to help us develop our services we automatically track your session.Best, guillotine, paper, cutters for Card, making Crafts.The Swingline Guillotine, paper Trimmer, ClassicCut Lite plough through hundreds of sheets of cardstock.

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Customer Reviews Just about as good of a paper cutter as you can find Classic. This dude is made of wood so you know he means serious business and because of this he comes in at over double the weight of the previous models at 7 pounds. Price, proCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer 12 Item 99 The Fiskars ProCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer features a dualrail system that eliminates blade wiggle for straight. I dont want to spend a lot of money here. Not just, there are paper cutters out there so sharp and effective they are named after an archaic tool used to cut off peoples heads. Cardstock, card making, selfsharpening dissertation on essay films bypass blade never needs replacing Builtin paper stop helps make repetitive cuts quickly Aluminum cutting surface improves scale visibility for accurate measurements 11" SureCut Card Making Paper Trimmer. So it never needs to be replaced Cuts strike while the iron is hot essay thick DIY materials such as cork. The paper guide can be repositioned anywhere within guide channel by lifting locking arm and repeating the above steps Provided Parts See Full Product Details Deluxe Craft Bypass Paper Trimmer 12 Precision gets powerful Discover the ultimate in both cutting power and cutting accuracy.

Self-leveling swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to 12" to cut extra-large scrapbook pages accurately.And it should be able to cut at least 10 sheets.


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But there you have. .LED SureCut Folding Rotary Paper Trimmer (12 Item.19 Choose a folding trimmer with an illuminated cut-line for portable precision.Im looking for good value for the price and while I dont want a product too cheap that makes me think its going to break in a week, I want to make a good investment on something that is going to last me years.This is the mid sized model out of the three different sizes Swingline makes and is a good size for the average every day job.”

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