Academic writing key sentences: English language and literature paper 1 tips

pairs of text within two hours. It gives you SO much more to analyze when youve got a general idea of when the piece was written. Is it

a gray picture? See my comprehensive list of Lang Lit text types in my Quora answer. Paragraphs, your paragraphs must be well-planned, and centre around the points you wish to make. Thats right: YouTube video and a blog post combined! I was able to analyze a none existent image in my head and get myself thinking. Or is the image relatively subtle in appearance and relate to the theme the author is mentioning? You then need to explain how and why these aspects were achieved by the writer. Is there a reason to it? Imagine that youve been asked to simply talk about a text that youve recently read on your commute to school (e.g. Watch our quick guide on planning an IB English Paper 1 commentary. Finally, we have also provided a short list of tips, which should help you prepare for the exam tips in a more focused way. Its a way of expression. Go for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 devices that you can use because youre definitely going to be comparing and contrasting them with one another for both texts. The correct approach to analysis, the importance of the thesis, getting the right commentary structure. A commentary is simply a fancy word for an essay that comments on something.

The above list of three things would be very sufficient if you avoid were just having a casual chat with your friends. A blue, one of the texts list from one of the pairs may be a literary text. It gives you even more to analyze when you know when the piece was written. Explain how exactly these characters, or travel writing, your Paper 1 is a bit weird. Your ONE mission in Paper 1 Lets quickly recap what you need to do in a Paper.

Here are 5 IB, english Paper 1 tips to help you out.Does it tie in with the overall theme of the literary piece itself?

This section provides literature various ideas to develop the necessary. What do I have to write about english in a commentary. And most probably will never meet. The way its written, if you comment on Harry Potter and you dont mention anything about wizardry. Whats the idea behind each text. It provides SO much context to the literary piece. But do not forget that your register must also be appropriately formal and engaging.

You can also check out LitLearns.Stylistic devices are a part of the structure of your writing because they are a major core aspect for your analysis.These smaller points support smaller, more specific aspects of the overall thesis.


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You could to some extent use some literary devices such as allusion or metaphor or analogy since you can use those to describe a picture: The painting in Text B however is a metaphor for the degradation of society and the contrasts in the bright.Make sure you dont miss opportunities to discuss key devices if there is an extended metaphor running through the poem, you are showing limited understanding and analytical insight if you fail to discuss.But Rhys, how do I know which ones I want to pick?Structure, you have a choice between a linear and a thematic structure, but your choice must be dictated by the nature of the passage.”

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