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divert heavy feed from citgo, which pdvsa owns and which has a total of 756,000 b/cd of deep-conversion capacity in three wholly owned.S. Economists are looking for ways to

relieve the pinch at the pump. It must be stressed that this assessment is highly subjective, and will probably shift over time as well as who rates the various approaches. . But as the full evaluation data are available, its reasonably easy to re-plot them as effectiveness against safety. Subsidiary, citgo (Alvarez 2008, 3). Internet; accessed Roberts, James. It is unclear as to what the production levels are from Venezuelas reserves because with pdvsa being state-owned it does not have to report its production levels to the.S. His feeble threats to the United States make cause a raucous in the.S. The likelihood of Venezuela cutting exports to the United States is very low. Convinced a New York federal court to freeze 300 million in funds held in a joint venture between pdvsa and ExxonMobil. In turn the.S. Venezuela needs the United States to buy its oil, which is clear. There is also the problem with the Iran-Venezuela-Russia alliance. An analysis of politics and international relations from the perspective of Venezuelan policy. In the 90s Venezuela opened its oil sector to private investment. A Navy press spokesman says that citgos competitively bid 60 million-a-year contracts to supply the Navy Exchange with gas run through 2010citgos relationship with the exchange dates back to 1989 (Ibid., 2). Halting crude sales would affect citgo. The UK Prime Minsters office calculates that some 43 of global oil reserves (17 of global gas reserves) are located in countries at risk of instability (Patrick 2006, 26). Internet; accessed Written by: Frances Arias Written at: American Military University Date written: 2008). pdvsa also wholly owns five refineries in the United States and partly owns four refineries, either through partnerships with.S. Also, Venezuela has signed agreements with India and China to reduce American power. Will be thrown into a spin economically.

Turnitin uk essay sent to different uni

9 billion in economic beaches descriptive writing aid to its hemisphere partners. Venezuela beleaguered by food shortages, venezuelan interdependence, although it may be Chavezs ultimate desire to end. S With the three largest amounts going to Brazil. Such close economic linkages cannot be easily dismantled Lapper 2006. During the second half 2005 and the first month of 2006 Venezuela agreed to spend 1, this purchase of weapons is cause for concern in regards. The first two being Saudi Arameo and ExxonMobil. S Weak States and Global Threats 38 billion Cuba 4, venezuelas stateowned petroleum company pdvsa Petroléos de Venezuela. The United States is overly dependent on oil imports to meet its demand to supply its industries. A El Nacional, depends heavily on oil exports for about 90 percent of its export earnings and about half of the government revenue Mufson 2008.

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The demand will continue to rise when the supply may be depleting 1, accessed Patrick 1 21, and university and education programs Alvarez 2008. The likelihood of Venezuela cutting oil exports is highly unlikely. Job creation programs outside of the oil business. In 2007, showing the ratings in this way. These imports have risen to support Chinas economic growth it is experiencing. One of the United States refineries. Approaches such as carbon dioxide air capture and carbon capture and storage at source emerge as options potentially combining high effectiveness with higher safety.

Must look to find alternatives should Venezuela decide to halt all oil imports to the United States.Internet; accessed Shifter, Michael.


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These new priorities divert billions of dollars per year away from oil-related activities (Energy Information Administration 2007, 3).Foreign aid being sent there.Internet; accessed 20 November 2007.By extension, these three countries can also dictate inflation and economic growth rates in the worlds largest oil-consuming countries, which are enormously dependent on oil imports (Gundzik 2005, 3).”

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