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novus actus interveniens. But initially you have to take your victim as you find them as I explained earlier. The solvents were, it is averred, abused, and this could

be regarded as the expected, intended and probable consequence of the supply This knowledge of abuse thus in Scots Law was held to be vital because the foreseeability of the use meant that the chain. The courts in Kentucky made a distinction as far as supervening factors were concerned between an independent intervening cause and a dependent intervening cause. The chain of causation can only really be broken by a limited number of defined cases as we discussed in the first section these are roughly stated, failure to be a sine qua non or failure to establish an intervening act between the cause and. Accordingly if a defendant is acting in concert with the deceased, what the deceased does in concert with the defendant will not break the chain of causation, even though the general principles as to causation have to be applied. In the recent decision of Gregg v Scott causation was again considered. The Defendants were not at fault through exposing him to the dust; this was an inevitable feature of he work he was employed. With no writing a critique essay coherent suggestion as to when this would be appropriate. The whole decision tries to sidestep causation. The choice of these prior conditions as a cause of the death is artificial, in reality both and many more are the cause including the friends the person made, family life, wealth, mental health and attitude to risk-taking. If the answer is No, then we can say the defendant caused the death of his victim.

Intervention by an act of nature. Gross Negligence Manslaughter In cases involving manslaughter the prosecution always has open to them to attempt a prosecute under the idea of recklessness or gross negligence. Main body, the judge found that the delay might have caused the injury. So he had suffered an injury. The requirement for an act to be directed at the victim was considered to be incorrect in the later case AGapos. It is clear that the chain of causation can theoretically essay about pongal in tamil be broken in manslaughter. G It follows from that that the appellant could only have been fujicolor crystal archive paper uk guilty of manslaughter as a secondary party and not as a principal. The defendant argues that the act of the doctor has broken the chain of causation. It is arguable that the principles in other result crimes such as assault ought not to be treated as being binding on the approach in manslaughter.

Causation could be proved either through factual or legal causation.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.For example in the cases where the victim refused medical treatment based on religious.

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Causation law essay example

S asbestos had any historical or other connection with. E We do accept that the graph standing of the defendant and the victim may have some bearing on whether the victims act breaks the chain of causation. Goff LJ cited Hart Honore in Pagett when they stated The criterion which they Hart Honore suggest should be applied in such circumstances is whether the intervention is voluntary. In understanding the various impinging concerns we need to have a deeper understanding of cause and effect as it is understood in the legal sense. In R v Mendez, in both of these cases narrative there is a requirement of a third party. The Wagon Mound No 1 1961 AC 388. A good starting point for any discussion in relation to causation is the case of Fairchild. In this case an employer was held liable for asbestosrelated cancer.


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The problem is that the court specifically declined to make any comment about how this decision was grounded in principles of causation.However, the principles of causation, as traditionally understood always seem to find the best illustrations supporting the thesisin cases other than homicide, this is undoubtedly an accurate description.The natural justice of this principle is clear but it is not simple necessarily to apply.Dawson  the courts accepted that if the acts danger was contingent on natural conditions such as frailty then the chain of causation could be broken.”

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