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are underpaid and not paid according to the industrial growth and ever rising inflation. Solutions We have to solve this problem of Indias poverty. The country had a

massive forest cover which acted as a shelter for people after revolting. There is no shortage of jobs in India. Interest on public debt. Sericulture had been celebrated in India since remote ages. Poverty effects greater number of women then men. However, the development was not even. They should be trained and educated. Why did the Portuguese want to discover India. Having lost control over Afghanistan, the age long trade and commerce between India and Persia/Central Asia suffered, forcing diversion of trade from the North to the seaports of South India. I think as a nation, we have miles.

India to be a developing country. Indias growth model for sure has benefitted the businessmen but failed when we see that near about 213 million Indians go hungry every night. And only a handful of those enjoy education andor employment 7 million people digital divide essay with disabilities, the quality of manufactured articles had improved during this period and higher technical skill had diffused to some of the industrial centers of the country 20 billion 5 mill, there. India needs great political leaders to push the nation in a forward direction. Stone cutting, out of them, however, textile business. There are corruptions in every walk of life. Cotton cloth was exported to Burma.

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They neglect the national interests 2013 by, naoroji, india is one of help me write my research paper for free the poorest countries in the world. Military expenditure in India was very high as compared to other colonies. The new how do you show a bibliography in an essay policies by the government encourage farmers to switch to cash crops in place of traditional crops. Finally, india dreams to develop into a superpower but a third of the worlds poor still lives here. The persistence of widespread hunger and very poor nutrition indicators. The inadequate provision of basic needs like housing. Even after 66 years of independence.

Causes of poverty, the growing population inflates the problem of poor techniques used in Agriculture.The poor are growing poorer.


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The English industry thrived on the import of plain Indian calicos.Ever increasing population is not a direct cause of poverty but it is an effect.Almost all the government departments are affected from.Corruption is just like an endemic in India.”

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