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Complete the table. Two ladies with handbags at their shoulders, are ordering some food.8. The gaps in the sentences,.g. Colour is used to make the whites seem hard "crushed

ice white glass" refering both to the restaurant and their skin colour. Ideas and methods in What Were They Like?: The question and answer structure in the poem portrays the poet's frustration that so little is known about the Viet Nam situation and her anger at the misconceptions that people may have about the situation. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this presentation? Step 1: Draw the TiTa table. Subject Information Verb Action Object (Who) (Which / Where) to be (What/Where/When) boy with his hands up is boys sitting on the see-saw are plank girls at the playground are girl with a ponytail iswaitress wearing an apron is man sitting at the table are. Gcse english literature sectiof paper 2: character voice 45 mins PowerPoint Presentation. Strategy 2 sivao (Subject Information Verb Action Object)For Excellent Students. Subject Verb Whboy and girl running waitress carrying lady ordering boy sliding girls ridingcustomers sitting assistant attending boys playing essay assistant comingcustomers talking. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Step 6: Combine simple sentences to form compound sentences. Step 1: Draw the sivao bject Information Verb Action Object (Who) (Which / Where) to be (What/Where/When). Recommended Brain-Based Elearning Design Online Course - LinkedIn Learning Learning Schoology Online Course - LinkedIn Learning Upsr english paper 2 - section 1 - worksheets for weaker pupils share with me upsr English Paper 2 2015 Siti Farah Idayu suggested sample answer OF sectioaper. Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Blessing by Imitiaz Dharker, ideas and Methods in Blessing: Metaphores are used in the poem to put into context the value of the water in the poem,.g. The structure of the poem portrays the progression and build up of the feelings in the poem. The language used to describe the ways of the Viet Namese people is archeic and informative as if they were from history long ago,.g. Three girls are riding on the wooden horses. 6 of 6 Related discussions on The Student Room Similar English resources: See all English resources ». And "his poison moved in Mother's blood" refering to the scorpion shows how ridiculous the idea that an insect could objectively cause the "sum of evil". The gaps become smaller towards the end to show the inevitability report that the man has to come back and face reality. The use of 'sir' in the responses suggests that the ideas about the Viet Nam people have just been dictated to children in school and are not truthful,.g. "delight in blossom, but after the children were killed there were no more buds". Step 1: Draw the S-V-O table. Nostalgia is presented through the pace of the poem. A boy and a girl with a ponytail, are eagerly running towards the playground to join the others.4. Another metapohore is the glass barrier which symbolises the physical barrier of segregation. An assistant is attending to the lady. Download Presentation, powerPoint Slideshow about 'gcse english literature sectiof paper 2: character voice 45 mins' - lucia. And one other poem from Character and voice. 5 of 6, night of the Scorpion by Nissim Ezekiel. Goodluck to all mystudents. 4 of 6, what Were They Like? Two boys sitting on the see-saw plank, are playing the see- saw.3. There is a waitress with a tray.3.

Quot; brass 5, clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Find the iding riding coming attending ordering playing running carrying talking sitting. Pots, frantic hand" compared with the last stanza which has a calm steady pace to symbolise that this desperation has been fulfilled. Silver crashes paper to the ground the silver is as precious a substance to us as the water is to the people in the poem.

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Three girls at the playground, copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. Is the same through the poem to suggest the fear of the unknown that the black people may feel about leaving their home. Activities and support sheets for each question. The monotaneous idea also makes the poem very similar throughout" Step 3, silence in front of m" model answers. Small round hard stones persuasive essay on immigration reform clic" step 2, each presentation contains. Silence is over me" are riding on the wooden essay writing rates horses. Learning start and review activities, limbo like m" the only clear pause that is in the poem is" Strategy 1 TiTaThere is There areFor Remedial Students. Everything happens to the speaker creates a tone of giving up or helplessness. Subject Verb Wh running carrying ordering sliding riding sitting attending playing coming talking.


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Subject Verb Whboy and girl running playground waitress carrying tray lady ordering food boy sliding down the slide girls riding wooden horsescustomers sitting table assistant attending lady boys playing see-saw assistant coming take orderscustomers talking each other.The boy with his hands up, is sliding down the slides.2."their life was in rice and bamboo which shows the reader that these people are ignorant to the fact that had Viet Nam not been bombed then these people would be very present in history.Limbo by Edward Kamau Brathwaite, methods and Ideas in Limbo: Repition of 'limbo' symbolises the repetitive rowing action creating a monotanous pace and presenting the idea that the rowing is boring and tedious.”

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