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and power on a global scale and periodic economic and social crises. Rhetoric of Social Protest (SPC 4633) 3 credits An examination of the various approachespsychological, sociological, historicalto

the study of social and political movements with special emphasis on rhetorical criticism of movements. Emphasis on expressive, creative communication through the graphic design medium and on high-quality portfolio development. Business German (GER 3440) 3 credits Prerequisite: One semester of intermediate German or permission of instructor Students learn discursive to communicate in German in the world of business. LV pupils also participate in a competitive multi-sports event and team building tasks which focus on problem solving, communication and team work. Special Topics (LIT 6934) 3 credits Specialized aspects of literature. Master's Thesis (SYA 6971) 1-6 credits Prerequisite: Admission to candidacy Grading: S/U Seminar in Urbanization (SYD 6426) 3 credits Prerequisite: Admission to graduate study or permission of instructor An analysis of historical and contemporary urbanization as related to the forms and functions of the city. Florida Politics and Government (POS 3182) 3 credits Study of political process and forces which shape state government and policy in Florida. Discussion of representative texts and visual material. Master's Thesis (ANG 6971) 1-6 credits Grading: S/U Art Courses (Listed following the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies courses, under School of the Arts, Visual Arts and Art History) Caribbean and Latin American Studies Undergraduate Courses The Maya and Their Neighbors (ANT 3163) 3 credits. Course requirements and credits vary depending on the specific content of the internship. It examines various teaching method books and techniques. Elective Courses Victimology (CCJ 3666) 3 credits (See Criminology and Criminal Justice courses, College for Design and Social Inquiry section) American Multicultural Discourse (SPC 3704) 3 credits Intercultural Communication (SPC 3710) 3 credits Rhetoric of Social Protest (SPC 4633) 3 credits (See School of Communication. Anthropology of Peace and Violence (ANT 4409) 3 credits Explores the meaning and forms of peace and violence that are a part of our daily lives, in cultures and globally. Each student writes a paper reflecting on the knowledge gained and their experiences. Early Modern Philosophy (PHH 3420) 4 credits A careful and in-depth examination of major European philosophers of the 17th and 18th centuries. Latin American Culture and Civilization (SPN 3501) 3 credits Prerequisite or Corequisite: SPN 3343 or SPN 3400 or permission of instructor The aim of this course is to promote the knowledge and understanding of Latin American culture and civilization by presenting and investigating the origin.

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Giving them a sound basis, for students with little or no background in the language. FIL 2000 May be taken before FIL 4036. Permission of instructor Provides students with essential skills. Issues in American tartuffe essay Politics POS 3033 3 credits This course examines the critical issues facing the American political system and the ability of the system to resolve them. Special Topics LIN 4930 13 credits Prerequisite. COM 2053 Explores how new media technologies change what communities we can be members of and how we perform our roles in those communities. Reportersapos, s degree, e " in Year 7 and Year. Permission of instructor Designed to teach students the basics of music copyright laws and the field of music publishing. Experimental phonetics, directed Independent Study CST 7905 13 credits Directed doctorallevel study in an area of comparative studies.

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sexuality and disability essay Audition required The Florida Atlantic University Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to performing standard repertoire in a unemployment and health essay wide variety of styles and periods at the highest level of musicianship. Feminist Philosophy PHM 3123 3 credits This course critically examines philosophy itself. Not, interdisciplinary Studies, aRT 1300C, ceramics Handbuilding C 4 credits Prerequisites. Methods and categories of through from a liberationist perspective.

A number of video projects will be produced throughout the term.Instrumental Conducting 1 (MUG 3301) 1 credit Prerequisite: MUT 4311 with a grade of "C" or higher Corequisite: MUT 4311 with a grade of "C" or higher Introduction to the basic techniques of instrumental conducting and to the appropriate literature.


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Software and hardware options for different teaching methods will be assessed, although the course emphasis is on the communicative method for developing primarily oral skills.Music Education Seminar (MUE 6938) 3 credits An overview of various aspects of music education, including discussion of historical background, problems, philosophy, and current trends.The course emphasizes the "embeddedness" of economic action and the social construction of economic institutions.Image of Woman in the Bible (REL 4218) 3 credits The role and treatment of femininity in the Bible, with particular emphasis on the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) including a variety of contemporary approaches and concerns.”

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